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    Re: C# vs Managed C++

    And one from Brandon Bray on the same topic:
  2. Re: C++ standardization and other issues.

    Hi Kevin.

    Yep, I know about it. Haven't tried it yet, though.
  3. Re: What about the ATL future?

    Just being native is a value that distinguishes it from managed frameworks. But I agree that spending resources on a product that few customers use is not what one would call a good business...
  4. Re: C++ standardization and other issues.

    Hi Jonathan.

    Thanks a lot for your answers.

    Now call me cynical, but I'd prefer big, greedy capitalist boys putting some money behind the effort. If you look at the competition (Java, C#),...
  5. Re: socket and thread libraries

    I am aware of at least one official proposal to add networking to C++:
  6. [RESOLVED] C++ standardization and other issues.

    First of all, a big thanks to the members of VC++ team for taking their time to chat with us and answer our questions. Also a big thanks for making a great product that VC++ is.

    Now to my...
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