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  1. Re: ATL ActiveX MSDN Tutorial Example: Why do I get IntelliSense Errors?

    Intellisense may have been improved in recent versions of Visual Studio, but historically speaking it has been normal for it to fail, at least in more complex projects.

    You eventually learn to...
  2. Re: Access violation reading location 0x00000000

    Try this:
    m_ArrData.Add(new char[sizeof(MSG_Packet)]);
  3. Re: Knowing if a memory address has been malloc'd

    Also try the memory corruption tools I suggested here:
    Typically these tools will fail for large apps due to runaway...
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    Re: Memory corruption tool for MSVC

    If you still need a memory corruption tool that works, here is one:
    There is another one called DrMemory.

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    Re: Notepad controlled by VC++ 6.0

    I think CreateProcess() is a better choice if you are interested in process handles/threads.
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    Re: Notepad controlled by VC++ 6.0


    Modifying the actual Notepad behavior would require hooks or similar, and that is an expert topic, not possible to explain in a reasonable amount of text.

    However, what you can do is to...
  7. Re: How to create a Excel File(.XLSX) And(.XSL) through code in MFC

    It is called "OLE Automation" and there are plenty of examples available on the web. C++ examples are a little more scarce than VB and C#.
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    Re: Prevent screen saver from activating

    This worked in win 7 and earlier, and I see no reason why it should not work in Win 10:

    int timeout;
    if(SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETSCREENSAVETIMEOUT, 0, &timeout, 0))...
  9. Re: CHtmlView class. Select text functionality works slowness in big file.

    Try visual studio 2015, maybe it comes with an updated CHtmlView.

    If that does not help, I would forget about the CHtmlView and try to find a third party replacement.
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    Re: Prevent kill my software though Task Manager.

    I suggest make a driver/system service if it is task manager specifically that you are afraid about. Don't try to make an application that behaves like a virus.
  11. Re: The linker cannot find the file I didn't specify in my project?

    Then I think you will have to investigate why they claim static linking is not suitable. I've seen this type of statement before and there are valid reasons for it, but could also be nonsense or...
  12. Re: The linker cannot find the file I didn't specify in my project?

    You download the static libs for the 3p project if you want to link statically, otherwise the dynamic libs :)

    No proper libs available? If you have the source of the 3p project compile the lib...
  13. Re: Possible Loss of Data during Double to Unsigned Char Conversion?


    I suspect you already know that "unsigned char" can hold an integer value in the range 0 to 255.

    It is possible that your "double" values for some reason are slightly off, e.g....
  14. Re: Restore RGB values back into BITMAP image file

    for(int i = 0; i <height; i++)
    m_pOutFileRGB->write(reinterpret_cast<char*>(array_1D), width*bytesPerPixel);


    Also, this looks fishy. You are writing the same data to file many...
  15. Re: Problem with COleDateTime in some of the 64-bit PCs

    Hard to say, but maybe you are corrupting the memory with that CopyMemory stuff. After doing so, anything can happen.

    The "8" last in CopyMemory also means you assume a specific size of the...
  16. Re: Problem with COleDateTime in some of the 64-bit PCs

    How do you assign the current date/time?

    I'm thinking that your problem might be caused by language settings on the PC, or different versions of the MFC dll files.

    Try static link your app with...
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    Re: quadruple pointer problem

    Correct, but if we are going down the optimization route, more importantly you wouldn't call "new" so many times.
    Instead make one allocation for each dimension, and the elements would then index...
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    Re: quadruple pointer problem

    Did not test, but something like this:

    double **** Allocate4(double **** mat, int k, int l, int m, int n)
    mat = new double *** [k];

    for(int i = 0; i < k; i++) {
    mat[i] = new double...
  19. Re: WinInet callback not called when the main thread sleeps

    Just a guess, maybe it is IOCP-based or something underneath, and your object is already being waited on by those internals....
  20. Re: Active Directory - What is the meaning of "protecting with RMS"?

    Digital Rights Management typically uses encryption techniques to protect the content so that it can only be used by a specific set of users. So, your files would probably end up being encrypted. I...
  21. Re: [RESOLVED] HELP : converting a decimal number given by the user to binary using C

    Helping you would be a very bad idea, because it appears you did not try on your own to devise a plan how to tackle the problem.

    I can provide some links though:...
  22. Re: How to use Visual Studio 2010 to compile dos programs?

    You can't even compile binaries for windows 2000 with VS2010.
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    Re: How long is your build?

    13 hours... whoa. An operating system?

    I really hope you guys enable the the /MP compiler option.
    It used to have a lot of bugs, but multithreaded compilation is pure win with later versions of...
  24. Re: Using one thread at a time with CSemaphore problem

    If the amount of items that you plan to add isn't huge, also consider this as an alternative:
  25. Re: Using one thread at a time with CSemaphore problem

    I'm glad it helped.

    However, for the special case when you need to protect against concurrent access (i.e. exactly one thread is allowed), consider using a critical section instead of semaphore....
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