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  1. Re: Using one parameter to select multiple values

    Crystal Reports must first connect to the database before it can process any data. Therefore, you cannot use a parameter to control which database CR uses. However, you could create a view, or...
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    Re: Extract Text

    As long as you can 100% rely on the text always being in the field at the same relative positions, then you can use the text as anchor points for extracting portions of the string:

  3. Re: How to create a sort value on invoice records, then re-sort report on value?

    This look like a job for sub-report. You can create a report with a group based on your invoice, so that you only have the first record returned in the group header (or footer if you like). Place a...
  4. Re: Additional page at the end with default text.

    This can be done using page headers. You need a long page header that is as long as your printed page. Place your "intentionally left blank" text box in the long page header. Use a conditional...
  5. Thread: Sum grups?

    by Ned Pepper

    Re: Sum grups?

    It is difficult to understand your issue from the example. In general, you can insert a summary field into a report in either a group header/footer, or in the report header/footer. If you insert...
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    Re: Date Formula Issue

    I think when you select a specific date, Crystal can "push down" the record selection formula to your database server. But, when you use the function to determine the date of interest, crystal...
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    Re: Returning a Card number

    I don't think there is enough info here to really provide an answer. First - what is the "trouble" you are running into? is there an error message, or is the output just not what is expected?
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    Re: How to compare Teradata and Oracle data?

    You could try HVR from It is a change data capture/replication tool, but it also will compare databases row-by-row across different DBMS. They support Teradata, MySQL,...
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    Re: Repeat records depends of value

    You can insert multiple detail sections (right click in the gray area to the left of the Details section and choose Insert Section Below). A typical use of multiple detail sections is to allow for...
  10. Re: Main report with sub report and sub sub report

    I don't think you are correctly describing the problem. Crystal reports allows for multiple sub-reports, but will not allow you to insert a sub-report into another sub-report.

    If you want to...
  11. Re: SQL Server 2005 query that uses the IIF with style date bool ?

    IIF function is not available in MsSql Server 2005. IIF was introduced in MsSql Server 2012 and newer, try using case statement.
  12. Re: Show records for same date plus additional filter

    I am not sure what you mean by 'messed up'. It looks like you have the same record selection formula in the sub report as in the main report. I don't have access to your data, but from the...
  13. Re: Need help understanding an existing report

    Hello - Subreports do not necessarily have to be saved as separate report objects. If the report definition states there is a subreport, then there is a sub-report embedded within the report you are...
  14. Re: Calculate number of days between dates across months

    Not sure exactly what you are trying to get your report to do, but the DATEDIFF function will return the number of days between 2 dates. Combined with an input parameter, you should be able to write...
  15. Re: Need help understanding an existing report

    Hello Charlie - try exporting the report definition... File->Export->Export Report, and choose Report Definition. This will output all the formulas, commands and formatting options used in the...
  16. Re: Show records for same date plus additional filter

    By container report I mean the main report that will house (contain) the sub-report. You basically will use the same report that returns your exams as the sub-report, with different input...
  17. Re: How to to custom sorting based on row values?

    You can force a sort order using a formula like...

    if {TABLE.Products} = 'Television HD' then 'A'
    if {TABLE.Products} = 'Home Theatre type 1' then 'B'
    if {TABLE.Products} = 'Music...
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    Re: How to catching "data change events"

    You can find that a DML statement was executed on a table by querying ALL_TAB_MODIFICATIONS. That table will give you a count of inserts, updates and deletes. You could try turning on user session...
  19. Re: Show records for same date plus additional filter

    I would suggest you use a sub-report. The sub-report would be created from your existing report. You need a container report to house your existing report that has the exam parameter. When the...
  20. Re: Need to add a restriction to a current formula, but not quite sure how to do it!

    The error "A Boolean is required here" is returned because a formula is similar to a database field in that is must be of 1 and only 1 data type. The statement {ARTRNDETAIL.TrnMonth} =...
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    Re: Help with Report Form Manipulation

    Your report has several group header sections. The group header section with the text "TASKS" has a conditional suppression formula, and contains a sub-report. I would not recommend putting your...
  22. Re: How to go about adding new fields to a report when it's already crammed?

    The size of the report designer working area is controlled by the size of the paper you select in page setup. Crystal uses print drivers to control output format. One technique I have used...
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    Re: Documentation of Crystal_Reports

    One quick way to produce documentation is to select export report and under the export format, choose Report Definition (txt).
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    Re: Suppress section based on condition

    I think your problem is that you are attempting to suppress a footer sections based on the results of a formula within the footer section. If you examine your report output, and the underlying data...
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    Re: One Of Numeric Parameter?

    Hello - Difficult to trouble shoot your report here, but I would start by eliminating (comment out) any other parameters. I don't think you want to "Allow multiple values", as that turns your...
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