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    Re: System.NullReferenceException

    No, but a class that implements the interface can. You need to have some kind of an instance that you can then treat as an object that has the type of your interface. The way you wrote it, there is...
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    Re: Looping through textboxes in C#

    ^Yes, that's a better, more flexible, solution.
    EDIT: But be careful if you want to select only a subset of the textboxes, you'll need some way to filter them.
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    Re: Looping through textboxes in C#

    Well, can you post some code, and maybe compiler error messages (if there are any), so that we can see what's wrong?

    P.S. When posting code, you can use the
    tags to preserve formatting. (If the...
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    Re: Looping through textboxes in C#

    Add a private field of type List<TextBox>, e.g.:
    private List<TextBox> textboxes = new List<TextBox>();
    Then fill the list in the constructor or in the Load event handler, so that it holds all of...
  5. Re: generating random even & odd numbers

    You don't have to directly generate even or odd numbers - you can just generate some random numbers and make even or odd numbers from them.

    Even: 2*n
    Odd: 2*n + 1

    Just make your own methods...
  6. Re: Genetic Algorithm - Crossover and MPI

    Well, crossover is something inspired by a process of chromosomal crossover that happens in nature; basically two chromosomes recombine by exchanging segments. The idea is adapted for genetic...
  7. Re: How to draw precisely on a picturebox image

    I made some changes and attached a modified version of you code - I left explanatory comments for you in there as well.
    Just to make sure you understand how the coordinate system is organized: the...
  8. Re: Can .NET 4.0 produce these graphics?

    Yes, WPF can support all of this really nicely.
    With GDI+ (System.Drawing.Graphics) you could probably pull off some or even most of this stuff, but it would take a lot more work, and it would...
  9. Re: No "real" random numbers when using loop

    You've made (possibly) two mistakes. First, move all instantiations of the Random class (the lines that have new Random(0)) outside of the loop. It's enough to create the object once - and you don't...
  10. Re: difficult problem of finding a specific numerical minimum in fuzzy series

    Could you just clarify a few more points:

    Is the assumption that after the highest maximum that marks the transition to meaningful data (132.2 in your case), all the following maxima will be...
  11. Re: difficult problem of finding a specific numerical minimum in fuzzy series

    Are you thinking of the data as if sampled from a curve with a bunch of local maxima and minima? Or is it more along the lines of what tiliavirga said?
    What assumptions are you making about the...
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    Re: Abstraction concept problem?

    BTW, the reason this distinction is of certain practical importance, instead of being purely philosophical, is, for example, that you can, legitimately, use pointers (the language feature) to...
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    Re: Abstraction concept problem?

    I don't think that's the case, though! It's quite a semantics game we're playing here. :D

    I was under the impression that PredicateNormative and others who were insisting on the distinction...
  14. Re: Recursive function: take a non-negative integer and print each digit of that inte


    I have a feeling that your assignment says that you should print it from "left to right" - check that (that's sort of where the recursion comes in - instead of just doing it in a loop).
  15. Re: Is Template Method design pattern and Hook the same thing by different names?

    In addition to the above: the Template method pattern is more about defining a concrete sequence of steps for an operation/algorithm, but with the details of each step abstracted away, so that...
  16. Re: Understanding the Composite Design Pattern

    Yeah - the whole point of the Composite pattern is to have an object composed out of smaller parts, but have the client code treat it the same way as any individual part (by letting the concrete...
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    Re: Abstraction concept problem?

    Seems like you guys are talking about two different things here, while calling it the same name.

    Value vs reference semantics is one thing - a concept that is related to the character, and the...
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    Re: SQL Begginer

    Sometimes, you just need to know what to look for ("northwind" in this case). Here, check these out:
    MSDN: Working with Sample Databases
    MSDN: How to: Install Sample Databases
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    Re: Abstraction concept problem?

    Pointers points aside (heh! :) ), a few more things about the design question (downcasting in client code):
    While type-casting from abstractions to concrete types in client code is not necessarily...
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    Re: Newbie in C sharp/ Microsoft Visio

    Also, after you add assembly & namespace references as described above, check you code for typos and syntax errors (there are both in the code you posted above):

    PrincipleContext ctx = new...
  21. Re: How to return the integer value of a string?

    May I suggest to consider the text of the exercise once again and think about what it's trying to teach you - because I think that the way you are going about it is overly complicated.
    To me, it...
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    Re: Random number/array/histogram

    You seem confused about what your histogram should display. The number of calls to roll() has nothing to do with how many different numbers roll() can return. Those two things are independent. Say,...
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    Re: .xml to .txt

    No, what he meant was: if you were to write some code that would insert the line breaks and save the output to a txt file, that code would have to parse the original xml file to achieve this - but...
  24. Re: Fixed delete recoders SQL Server database ?

    See this:

    Looks like your table somehow doesn't have a primary key.
    Using SQL Server...
  25. Re: How to repeated insert into history by textchanged event problem

    Or, in case the user is allowed, but not required, to press enter, you can additionally handle the LostFocus event.
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