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    Re: Printing in Windows

    I've done it now, they all return TRUE.
    It looks like all these function do exactly what is expected - the correct printer gets selected and it does print a page (an empty one though). So it looks...
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    Re: Printing in Windows

    I guess so, all printers have much higher resolution so I would expect this line to be very short and within the printed area.
    I also tried copying the whole window into a virtual bitmap and then...
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    Printing in Windows

    I am trying to learn how to print the content of a window. By now I've ended up with the following code (it should just draw a line as a test print). When executing it, the printer starts working...
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    [RESOLVED] Need help with PrintWindow()

    I am trying to print the window's content using PrintWindow() function. The code I use is below. In this code I could not call PrintWindow directly but had to load it dynamically from the dll...
  5. Re: Where can I get User32.lib file?

    Thank you guys, this discussion has been really helpful. I don't do programing so much so learning a new platform is not something I would prefer now. And, as (ProcAdd) (hwnd,pd.hDC,PW_CLIENTONLY);...
  6. Re: Where can I get User32.lib file?

    It returns TRUE.
    Well, probably 2kaud is right and the only solution is to switch to Visual Studio, although for the sake of using just one function it would probably be too much trouble.
  7. Re: Where can I get User32.lib file?

    By the way, I've checked with the debugger, the line (ProcAdd) (hwnd,pd.hDC,PW_CLIENTONLY); is executed (my first thought was that maybe the program never reaches there but it does). So the problem...
  8. Re: Where can I get User32.lib file?

    Sorry, I forgot to show the definition. And you are right, I did not understand it correctly. Now I've changed the definition as follows:

    typedef int (__cdecl *MYPROC)(HWND,HDC,UINT);
    Now there...
  9. Re: Where can I get User32.lib file?

    I've found another example and here is the code that I made using it. The only thing that is unclear to me in this example is how to pass arguments to the function whose address is extracted from the...
  10. Re: Where can I get User32.lib file?

    Thank you. This sounds great but it is something I don't know.
    I found some information here: . I tried to implement it but...
  11. [RESOLVED] Where can I get User32.lib file?

    I am trying to use PrintWindow function in very old Borland C of 1997 (that is the only development environment I have and know). I've downloaded User32.dll file that contains that function but...
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