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  1. Re: Windows main loop and a server loop on 2 threads

    You should use PeekMessage().
  2. Re: Jet OLEDB:Engine on Windows7 (64bit) - Compact Access Database problem

    Thank you for providing best solution. My problem is sorted out.
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    Re: Graphic Design and Logo

    According to me, before making any decision go through to few sites available online and then check the work of the companies. After that, choose the design and logo.
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    Re: smoothing problem

    I have through this code and face same problem. I have also found solution for this problem but couldn't get it.
  5. Re: What are some books and tutorials that focus on larger scale OO refactoring and d

    I suggest to use online free tutorial. It's better than books. Because more practical knowledge available on online tutorials. You can find many tutorials on Google & Youtube.
  6. Re: vector of pointers to a vector of objects, pointer or iterator?

    I have same issue but still can't resolve. If you found any best solution please let me know.
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    Re: Gotoxy function

    Please explain the problem.
  8. Re: converting nullable DateTime to non-null

    You can't convert nullable to non nullable value.
  9. Re: What is the “maxCharsCount” limit ?

    I don't understand exact issue. Please explain with error message.
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