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    Re: Need to Find Java Developer

    What specifically your company deals with? I think you need to specify the domain for the developers first. Along with that, you have to clearly state the mission for the developer. If the developer...
  2. Re: [RESOLVED] MFC Dialog app - thread doesn't run unless caller is stuck wiating for

    I don't see anнерштп wrong with posting the same issues on multiple sites.
  3. Re: My program works good but there are two things I don't understand yet

    I tested this code with Microsoft Visual Studio. It's Ok.
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome jGuru Forum members!

    Hello! Nice to see everyone.
  5. Re: When the length of an array is not specified, what do you do?

    Try other language programming and see if it's compatible.
  6. Re: POI and setting cells to VerticalAlignment.MIDDLE

    There's nothing wrong with your code. Strange.. maybe that's some other problem...
  7. Re: Login window closes upon verifying credentials and opens main window

    Try to choose another static method.
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    Re: Recommendation on a Java book

    Do you study Java by yourself?
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