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    Re: C++0x language feature checklist

    Some comments on the previous posts - mostly in reverse order

    template typedefs - while this is relatively simple to implement we felt that it just didn't provide as much value as the features we...
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    Re: VC++ 10 impact on existing code?

    There is one change that fell out of the implementaion of rvalue references that has broken some code bases internally. It is code like the following:

    struct S
    explicit S(const...
  3. Thread: nullptr

    by joncaves

    Re: nullptr

    When we started the Dev10 planning process 'nullptr' was still under active discussion by the C++ Committee (it is funny how sometimes the smallest features can take up so much time) and we didn't...
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    Re: C++0x language feature checklist

    Ah: this feature is officially known as "late specified return type" and it will be supported in Dev10. What I understand by "alternate function syntax" was a proposal to unify the syntax used for...
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    Re: VC++ 10 Requirements

    This has not yet been finalized -- but I suspect it won't be much different from what Visual C++ 2008 requires.
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    Re: C++0x language feature checklist

    Here's my answer:

    YES - Rvalue reference and move semantics
    No - Generalized constant expressions
    No - Modification to the definition of plain old data
    YES- Extern template (note: we have...
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    Re: Why ref / value?

    The CLR has the concept of a reference type and a value-type and we need to expose these concepts in C++/CLI. A reference type lives on the garbage collected heap while a value-type lives on the...
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    Re: Abstract

    This C++/CLI issue: abstract and pure-virtual are slightly different concepts - if a class has a pure-virtual function then is is abstract - and to make this clear to anyone reading the code it is...
  9. Re: What newsgroups do the VC++ team read?

    I used to follow the newsgroups but for the last year I have hung out on the MSDN Visual C++ forums:

    There are more than...
  10. Re: Benefits of VS2005 for native development

    There is definitely a lot to be said for the sentiment "If it ain't broken don't fix it". If your application is working and Visual C++ 6.0 works for you then why change it. There is a story...
  11. Re: const corrected please in managed classes

    Unfortunately internally the CLR has no notation of the C++ concept of 'const' so even if the compiler did allow you to define const member functions the code would not be understood by the CLR, C#,...
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    Re: Managed unions?

    There are supported today - though it is ugly:

    using namespace System;
    using namespace System::Runtime::InteropServices;

    [ StructLayout(LayoutKind::Explicit) ]
    public value struct MyUnion
  13. Re: What's the features/inovations expected for Orcas

    I can answer for the compiler: mostly we are just fixing a lot of bugs. Most of the bugs we have fixed (and will fix - we are not done yet) are issues that customers raised on the MSDN Feedback site....
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Boost and C++/CLI

    While in general it might be possible to do this the compiler would have to take a very pessimistic view and assume if a class template was specialized with a reference type then it should be...
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    Re: Boost and C++/CLI

    I must admit that I haven't tried using Boost with C++/CLI though I have tried it with the containers from the C++ Standard Library. I believe that you should be able to do it. The one problem will...
  16. Re: What is (was) MQ? and is it going to continue?

    Hi Ted: MQ was the name of a "quality milestone" it was a chance for the whole of Visual Studio to take a step back and look at the processes we use to develop software and how we can improve them....
  17. Re: Raising the bar for fixes to legacy compiler (and planning for 2005 SP2)?

    I agree with you - at the very least we should have a way to list which of the issues that were reported through the Product Feedback site were fixed. I'll pass on the suggestion to the appropriate...
  18. Re: Raising the bar for fixes to legacy compiler (and planning for 2005 SP2)?

    Hi Ted:

    The first issue,, is currently being worked on by one of the developers on the optimizier. The second...
  19. Re: C++ standardization and other issues.

    Hi Nemanja: that is a set of really good questions :-). I'll try to answer the ones that I have knowledge of and hopefully the rest of the team can jump in and fill-in the gaps :-)

    1) Yes, the...
  20. Re: Is future in managed code?If so when?

    The future is definitely "mixed". For the forseeably future I see developers using a mixture of "managed code", be it C#, VB, Java or whatever else appears on the horizon, and "native" code - C, C++,...
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    Re: VC# will substitute VC++?

    Hi: I'm Jonathan Caves and I am a developer on the Visual C++ Compiler Team.

    Visual C++ is most definitely not going away. The Visual C++ team are currently busy working on the next release in...
  22. Re: Why .Net not use smart pointers instead of GC?

    Hi: I'm Jonathan Caves and I'm a developer on Visual C++ compiler team.

    The reason that the .NET runtime uses a garbage collector is that it is desgined as multi-language runtime: as well as C++...
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