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  1. WPF c# onStartUp() view model problem with multiple data inputs

    Hey all I have the following OnStartup for my WPF desktop app that goes to a local directory and gathers all the images within that folder (box1 being the example code below):

    public partial...
  2. Re: Wpf System.Windows.Media.ImageSourcesConverter cannot be applied

    Not necessarily, Victor.
  3. Wpf System.Windows.Media.ImageSourcesConverter cannot be applied

    Hey all it has been a few years since I last worked on my WPF code and sadly I'm not remembering what all I did in order for it to work as its coded.

    The current issue I am facing is this:

  4. Changing value in variable from another called class

    Hey all I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what it is I am missing from the code below in order for the value "7:50 pm" to be placed into the variable theCntDownTimerTime from the...
  5. JavaScript CSS and JavaScript not centering after animation

    Hey all I am trying my best to get this animation correct. Seems it may be in the JavaScript but not sure.

    The movie poster should load...
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    Metro Tiles individually resize

    Hey all I am having a hard time trying to find the setting (if there even is one) in order to size each metro tile individually from each other. Currently it changes every tile no matter which one...
  7. IGDB gather correct game data from correct console

    Hey all I am trying to figure this IGDB api out. I'm sure its powerful but it seems difficult to know what needs to be called and how since they don't have very good examples in their documents.
  8. Java Excel automation cell background color repeating setFillForeground

    Hey all I have the code below that changes the background of a cell to either RED or GREEN. It seems that when I comment out the GREEN else code that my excel sheet has all red for each cell box in...
  9. POI and setting cells to VerticalAlignment.MIDDLE

    Hey all I am trying to get my cell to vertical line instead of just being aligned by the left side using POI.

    This is my java code:

    static CellStyle headerCellStyle =...
  10. Pattern and picking out needed values using Regex with Java

    I am terrible at trying to figure out this Regex! It's, like everyone else, doesn't make much since.
    The string looks like this:

    15:26:04,017 INFO [stdout] (Log4j2-xxxxxxxxx-1) 2019-04-23...
  11. Errors in Error List but no red squiggly lines showing

    Hey all I am creating a C++ Dll and it seems that I have 102 errors when compiling BUT none are shown in the code at all! Clicking on an error goes to that line but again, without the red squiggly...
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    Convert Arduino library to visual c++ dll

    Hey all I am trying my best to fixed these few errors below. The C++ code is from an Arduino library that i wanted to convert to Visual C++ dll for use in one of my C# applications.

    These are the...
  13. Re: Converting C++ to C# that cannot be assigned

    Can you provide an example?
  14. Converting C++ to C# that cannot be assigned

    Hey all I am traznslating some C++ code over to C# and I am at a stopping place due to an error that I cant seem to figure out:

    My c# code:

    public static String inputStr;
    public static int...
  15. WPF change UserControl textblock from another window

    Hey all I am new at WPF so here is my question.

    How can I change the text in a textblock from my mainwindow when the textblock is in the window named curTemp.xaml?

    curTemp.xaml Code:

  16. WPF stroke/outline of text not seeing namespace

    Hey all I have the current XAML code in my project:

    <Window x:Class="DPF.MainWindow"
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    WPF Control and Window issue

    Hey all here is a noob question regarding WPF and controls.

    I download the project called FluidKit which comes with a hand full of examples for 3D image effects and just image effects in general....
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    VB6 AddressOf and Callbacks in VS 2008

    Hey all I am trying to convert some VB6 code to VS 2008 via its automated VB6 code converter. Most does well but there are a few that need a touch up.

    The touch up is this piece of code:

  19. Re: Arduino AES256 CBC Base64 And VB.Net AES256 CBC Base64 Not Matching

    With changing the key to an array i seem to still get the same base64 encrypted data of 8cbCFENvP39Cp+7wNhH71Q==.
  20. Arduino AES256 CBC Base64 And VB.Net AES256 CBC Base64 Not Matching

    Hey all I have a question here.

    I have code for using AES 256 CBC for Arduino (esp8266) and also for my app in order for either side to send/receive data and decode/encode it.

    Both sides...
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    Lync SDK building own conversation form

    Hey all there is an article on the Microsoft website located HERE that details how to go about creating a chat window like so:

    However, the website is pretty...
  22. User MAHAPPs with WPF calling function on MainWindow when on flyout Frame page

    Hey all I am trying to get my flyout box to close on my WPF Page XAML I created:

    <Page x:Class="page_Keyboard"
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    SQL data to custom structure

    Hey all I have the following SQL query that outputs the following:

    ID | Name | theRole | THrs | Mon |....| trainH1 | train58 | train52 | train05 |etc......
  24. class creating array error Object reference not set to an instance of an ob

    I am trying to do the following:

    "name": "Bob Barker",
    "devName": "InformationServices",
    "ReturnedData": [{
    "level_heading": "blah1",
  25. JavaScript Re: Splitting query on key words (SELECT/FROM/WHERE/AND/OR)

    Found the solution:

    Update JSFIDDLE

    function parseSql(sql) {
    var found = [];

    ["SELECT", "WHERE", "FROM", "AND", "OR", ";"].forEach(function(word) {
    var idx...
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