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  1. Re: How to programatically close Microsoft Word dialog boxes

    idk about responding to them, but you can generally avoid having them pop up in the first place when using interop with:

    oWord = new Word.Application();
    oWord.DisplayAlerts =...
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    Re: Power Point on Panel

    We can help you if you ask a more specific question. Try posting your code. You are attempting something pretty advanced for your first project.While we all encourage learning, you might try...
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    Re: Smoother drawing pen

    Here is an example of pen drawing on a picturebox (PictureBox1) that continues to collect points:

    Queue<Point> points = new Queue<Point>();
    Point lastPoint = new Point(0, 0);
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    Re: Smoother drawing pen

    It is difficult to tell from the information you provided, but it sounds like your main UI thread is too busy updating the bitmap to capture mouse movement points (it can only do one thing at a...
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    Re: Button images


    I'm unable to replicate the problem you're having - could you post your code and I'll see what I can do directly?
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    Re: Button images

    Ger - BeginInvoke is kind of the poor man's way of acting ont he main (form) thread from other threads without causing the processor to get *****y about trying to do two things at once. Sounds like...
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    Re: Help me please

    It depends on the type of data you are storing. Dictionary data, with key/value pairs, offers the easiest way to look up a value - but that ease is really only valuable if the data should be stored...
  8. Re: Large project. How would u write the classes.

    Wow, Arjay - now I know why you're a 3,000+ rep - I can't believe you got all of that from the OP. I was cnfused as h-e-double hockey sticks but just trying to throw anything helpful because the...
  9. Re: WMI Question: How to get display information from multiple monitors attached to P

    Oh yeah - sorry I missed the update about running as a service. It's not pretty, but you could go the old-fashioned way and run as a forms app launched by the Task Scheduler. I know that's really...
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    Re: How to become C# codeguru???

    High on mount Enum, I hear there is an Imam that is granting the title of "Guru." The Method of getting there is difficult, and you cannot send a Delegate. Once there, you must Construct your own...
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    Re: How Much Would It Cost To....?

    No offense at all meant here, but your question is a lot like "I want to buy a new car - it needs to have at least two doors and four wheels and an engine." You could buy a Kia or something that...
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    Re: Business plan to work at home

    It is funny that you think working at home (on your own) will solve your problem of being under-compensated. When you run your own business, you have to do paperwork, taxes, accounting, invoicing,...
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    Re: No payment for overtime work

    Yes. I fyou are on a salaried position (rather than on an hourly), there is no overtime commitment in most cases. Many salaried people I know work 70+ hours a week and some work 90+ hours many weeks...
  14. Re: WMI Question: How to get display information from multiple monitors attached to P

    Uggh. It may come down to using two different classes to get what you need, or maybe adding a forms app to your project just to be able to use Windows.Forms.Screen class accurately & return the...
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    Re: Button images

    In order to get a flash effect, you need to put a delay in the code, and the delay has to be run on another thread (or the form will not update). Psuedocode:

    //add reference to class
  16. What's up with CodeGuru Forums offline, Database Errors, ETC.

    It's getting really bad - so bad I gave up even trying to search for this topic before posting. Many times, site is offline, and when it is up, extremely long codebehind processing times and...
  17. Re: Large project. How would u write the classes.

    Yeah, you could use constants to create the dynamic equivalent of enums, but that would get complicated. Maybe a single generic "addon" superclass that contains fields to describe/manage the basics...
  18. Re: password protect application icon in system tray?

    I'd think you'd have to bring up a form for the login, unless that's being handled by the component. Either way, the logic would be the same:

    1) Set a boolean to true when the container is firt...
  19. Re: Large project. How would u write the classes.

    Your question is very general and difficult to answer or even comment on without a lot more information about what you're trying to do. From what you've posted, I don't see need for classes for the...
  20. Re: WMI Question: How to get display information from multiple monitors attached to P

    That information is in the registry, HKLM-->System-->CurrentControlSet-->Enum-->Display

    Check out Microsoft.Win32.Registry.GetValue() for more information. Good luck!
  21. Re: Auto Incrementing value in Anonymous type collection returned by LINQ query

    Is i global in scope or contained within the same method as the linq query?
  22. Thread: Dla

    by mrgr8avill

    Re: Dla

    Wow. That is an extremely ambitious project that you, Google, and about 15 years' experience should be able to tackle without a problem. For "code snippets," try Google:

    "C-sharp voice...
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    Re: Improving quality of image

    Can you source the image in vector format? First question/best solution for export to PDF.
  24. Re: if webbrowser multiple navigation hangs, then retry, how to check if hanging c#

    Without looking at your code, I hear code execution was returning to the "wrong" place. If you don't want code to run where execution returns after the timer resets, just use a boolean like "bool...
  25. Re: Creiate a Timer / Stopwatch that records to SQL ?

    Once you get all that done, repost your code and I'll help if you still have problems.
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