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    Python function Object() copying?

    Is there a copy function Object() in Python? If not, what would I do to accomplish something similar?
    The scenario is that I am using a library and seeing this example and have modified one of the...
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    Java equals() selection

    In Java, if I try to do.equals() on a null string, a null pointer error is issued. Iím wondering whether I can perform the following if Iím attempting to compare if a string is equal to a constant...
  3. In Java, how do you return control to a switch statement?

    I have a client-server console program in which I utilize switch statements to pick choices such as upload/download/change password, among others. When a user inputs a single number for example,

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    Python string find() examples

    I'm looking for examples, but I'm not finding any.
    Are there any examples on the internet? I'd like to know what it returns when it can't find something, as well as how to specify the starting and...
  5. Re: Best book to learn Visual C++ from scratch?

    You can go through below mention books, it will help you to understand.

    1. Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Programming Series): Jeffrey Richter...
  6. PRIMARY KEY vs. UNIQUE restrictions in MySQL

    The distinction between a PRIMARY KEY constraint and a UNIQUE constraint, according to the MySQL documentation, is that a PK constraint does not permit NULL values whereas a UQ constraint does. One...
  7. In C, bubble sorting causes a garbage value error.

    So I've lately started learning data structures in C. Let's get back to my issue.

    Here is the code for my Bubble Sort Algorithm (Taken from Scaler Academy)

    #include <conio.h>
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    Life cycle of a GWAN servlet

    To store a database, I'm using C servlets and Kyoto cabinet.

    My question is, how does G-wan communicate with servlets?

    In comparison to java servlets, they have an init and service destruct...
  9. When deployed to Heroku, python egg info did not run successfully.

    Hi everybody,
    I joined this group to learn more about web development. I am familiar with Java, C, HTML, and am actively learning CSS and Python. I am highly interested in programming, which is why...
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