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  1. Re: Help! how to shell an external process (Windows) and capture its output in Java?

    Just what I was looking for; thanks!!
  2. Help! how to shell an external process (Windows) and capture its output in Java?

    I need to be able to run a small program from java. It is a Windows command prompt program but I also need to be able to capture its output.

    Any ideas where to begin?
  3. What does do to make createImage(w,h) work?

    this is a bit tricky. I created a temp Frame for the sole purpose of being able to call createImage(w,h). I need to create my Image this way because need to be able to obtain Graphics object...
  4. Please help! Urgent.. Need to save binary data from an applet on a server side

    Does anyone know how to do that? The applet generates some binary data to an OutputStream. I need to be able to save to a disk on a server size in a subdirectory where the codebase is.

    any hints...
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    Re: Saving Image class instance to JPEG file

    Thanks for the help, but I forgot to mention that I need to stick with Java 1.1
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    Saving Image class instance to JPEG file

    Does anyone have a good solution to save a JPEG file from an Image class instance?

    What I need to do is this:

    1) Image i = createImage(640,480);
    2) Graphics g = i.getGraphics();
    3) paint(g);...
  7. How can I load custom cursor in Java program (applet)?

    I need more cursor than Java (1.1.8) provides. I need namely magnifying glass, pen, outline, etc.. cursors.

    Preferrably I would like to load my own cursors at startup but I can't find a way to do...
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    Re: CString subtract?

    You'll want to use Left() and Right() methods of the CString.

    CString s1 = "abcd 1234 kookoo";
    //you want to subtract "kookoo" from s1

    CString s2 = s1.Left(s1.GetLength()-6); //note six chars...
  9. Re: Who knows: If I have only the .ocx file but not have the activex component registered

    Not all OCXs will work in VC++. Namely mostly the ones written in can register your OCX from the command line (DOS window) by typing:

    >regsvr32 mycontrol.ocx
  10. HELP NEEDED:Problem with property pages and properties

    I have a property page for an ActiveX component with 5 properties on it: 4 of them are BOOLs and CString.

    When I click the "Apply" button the properties affect the component placed on the form,...
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    Re: put the bitmap to Desktop

    You have to use Windows API to get a hold of the desktop's device context:

    HDC wdc = GetDC(NULL);

    and then you can use this to pass it to drawing Win32 commands. In order to draw a bitmap on...
  12. How do I recreate/update a class wrapper for an inserted component?

    I have a standard MFC dialog based application. I inserted an ActiveX control on the form and created wrapper for it.

    Now, I modified the ActiveX component (addded a parameter to a certain...
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    Re: what program should i ...

    I think we're looking at it from different points of view.

    let me give you analogy; if you knew that somewhere near where you live there is a bag of money buried under a tree, and you know...
  14. Thread: Display Text

    by maciej

    Re: Display Text

    You could use SetWindowText();

    m_Edit->SetWindowText("Hello World\r\nLine #2");

  15. How do I call COM+ object from an .asp page?

    I am new to this, so please at least point me to where the answer might be.

    What do I need to do in order to be able to call a COM+ object and receive the response from a method?

    What if this...
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    Re: what program should i ...

    they done it all... there's nothing new to invent... until the next killer app comes along and makes the owner millions.

    If i had an idea for something that hasn't been done yet and everyone...
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    Please HELP with TAPI

    I need to be able establish a phone call to a regular phone number, playback a file and either hang up, or wait for a hang up.

    Does any one have an idea how can I make TAPI use computer's speakers...
  18. HOW TO: release console prompt after running java app (on WinNT)??

    The console (DOS) prompt keeps hanging around until I end the program. Is there a way to launch a program and then simple close the console window?

  19. Re: Java on the Mac not working right?? (date format not parsable)

    Thank you, I will try all of the above..
  20. Java on the Mac not working right?? (date format not parsable)

    I have ported my Java app to a Mac and everything went smoother than I expected, except for one thing:

    DateFormat df = DateFormat.getDateInstance();
    df.parse("May 10, 2000");

    causes an...
  21. HOWTO: disable transasction log in MSSQL 6.5 and 7 ?

    I am updating and importing massive amounts of data and transaction log is not really needed during that process.

    I have not been able to find out how to turn that beast off? Does anyone know?
  22. Thread: No of record

    by maciej

    Re: No of record

    The SELECT COUNT returns a recordsetset with one field, so you'll have to assign it to a recordset and read value of fields(0)


    num_recs = RS.Fields(0).Value

    or something like that...
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    Re: Microsoft Sucks!

    Yes, thanks to Windows we all have internet now too. And one day, we'll conquer space thanks to Windows.

    :) he he
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    JPEGLIB problem - is there a better solution?

    JPEGLIB supposedly the definite source of adding jpeg support to your apps aparently does not support many jpeg format out there?

    This is from the function that reads the header of the jpeg...
  25. Re: Difference between a reference and a pointer?

    They are practically the same. Pointer is used to indicate that it points to something, even some undisclosed location in memory which you have no idea how disect,...

    and reference is more...
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