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  1. JavaScript Cannot read property 'length' of null at getSum

    I am going to calculate total sales from a dynamically created table with JavaScript. I have two tables. Data from an Excel file are parsed into the first table. The second table has some data rows...
  2. JavaScript Imported Excel data in HTML Table is Undefined

    I'm making a web page with a table that reads excel files. Here, I use angular, jQuery, HTML, and Javascript.

    Here is a sample of a excel file:

    User Name |User ID
    Jack Sparrow |U382

  3. NoClassDefFoundError trying to read Excel File

    Wrote this program in Eclipse. DOwnloaded POI 5.0.0 and added it to library by Project->Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries->Added poi-5.0.0.jar and poi-ooxml-5.0.0.jar under classPath. I then get...
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