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  1. How to add second column to a listBox component?

    For the moment I can only get the subfolders name of C:\Backup folder to the first column of the listBoxComputer.
    Have do I get also the last written date of subfolders to the second column of the...
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    Problem to store setting with UWP C#?

    I a'm running an uwp app on Rasbperry Pi 3 with Windows 10 IoT OS via Visual Studio Remote Machine and Release is selected.
    The problem is how to save settings I have made and use the same settings...
  3. Problem to save to text with rasbperry windows 10 iot uwp?

    I have problem with this visual c# uwp code when I am trying to save to text file with raspberry pi 3 with Windows 10 IoT.

    var path = @"urls.txt";
    var folder =...
  4. Can't save to text file with visual c# universal app.

    I can't save any changes to the text file settings.txt , but reading the file works.

    The code is

    private async void LedShow_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
  5. How to make your own uwp app to be opened with uri-scheme?

    How do I configure my own uwp app to be opened with uri-scheme?
  6. How to read an certain line from text file with UWP app?

    How do I read for example only the second line from text file located on the Windows Phone SD card or internal storage like an UWP app coded in Visual C#?
  7. How to make function string with Visual Basic 2013?

    Is this the right way to make an string function Look at the code below this text.
    Can someone help me if the code is wron? I'm using the Visual Basic 2013 software.

    function weburl() As...
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