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    Re: xml file format, help

    Hmm, would have been nice if you'd said what the error message was.

    As I understand it, xml is pretty flexible. Basically using html <tag>data</tag> instead of fixed char counts (sdf) or cr/lf...
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    Re: Difference between two dates C++


    Trying to trick your 'user'?

    Your code would not work here.

    I assume you expect your user to enter date as MM/DD/YY. To be 'friendly', you might say so? Where I am, I would assume...
  3. Re: How is it possible to learn C# programming?

    As you phrase it, this is an almost impossible question to answer.

    What do you mean by 'learn'. For instance, I have been using a number of languages for many years, and I would not claim to...
  4. Re: Anybody remember Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5?

    I've had a quick look into my FreeBasic bits, and this might be a better way?

    The libraries etc supplied with the basic system/package include MySQL and SQLite. I don't know if the latter would...
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    Re: Please rate my code.

    In addition to the above, I would suggest that your prog is very 'user-unfriendly'.

    There ought to be a clear and visible exit, i.e. your prompt might say 'Enter a number between 30 and 124, or 0...
  6. Re: Anybody remember Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5?

    More further to the above..

    If you need SQL, and xBase, then look at the xHarbour systems. I've been playing with the HMG variant/package, and apart from the 'natural' Clipper/Foxbase facilities...
  7. Re: Anybody remember Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5?

    Hm, yes, there's a 'Sequiter Inc', which links to something else to do with legal documents. Logo is in fact similar, just without the 'Software' bit. Interesting to know if anyone is still there...
  8. Re: Anybody remember Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5?

    I'm surprised to hear that Sequiter may be still in business, I've tried searching for reference to them, without success. Their web site(s) seem to be inactive, their domains are 'available' to...
  9. Re: Anybody remember Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5?

    Hmm, very sad to read this thread.

    I've been using Codebase for a lot of years now, firstly with version 4.5, and later with 5. Never moved on to 6.whatever, 5 was still working fine for me.
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