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  1. Re: Problem importing an IDL file into another IDL file

    Visual Studio assumes a project will contain just one IDL file, and defaults the output file names accordingly. This behavior can be customized, under the file's properties in Solution Explorer (MIDL...
  2. Can a Winforms UserControl merge its menus with those of its ActiveX container?

    I am trying to migrate a VB6 UserControl to managed code. The original control has a set of standard menus (File, Help, etc) which are merged in to the menu bar of its container form (an ordinary VB6...
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    Re: Reg SetFuncAndParamNames Errors

    This is an old thread, but in researching this error earlier in the week, I found that it's among the first results returned by Bing for the MIDL2020 keyword. Thus, I'd like to update it with my...
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    MDI child frame button bar

    Can anyone suggest a way to add a Visual Studio-like button bar (such as VS uses to switch between GUI and XML views of XSD schemas) to the bottom of an MDI child frame window?

    Thanks, RD
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    Re: Creating XML Schema in VS.NET...

    This should help:

    Regards, RD
  6. Problem importing an IDL file into another IDL file

    I have an ATL project, containing two simple objects.

    I manually defined a couple of extra interfaces in IDL, and they work if I put them in the original IDL file. However, if I put them in a...
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    Is DCOM still viable?

    I'm finishing off a degree, and the last credits I have outstanding involve a "real world" client/server project. I was hoping to base the architecture on DCOM, using components crafted in ATL 7, but...
  8. Thank you very much for the replies!

    Thank you very much for the replies!
  9. Anything like TRACE() available in Win32 ?

    Title says it all, folks! :)

    It would help me a lot if there was some way I could send output to the debug windows with this Win32 API project I'm working on.

    Thanks, RD
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    I had changed the icon in the resource editor,...

    I had changed the icon in the resource editor, but for some reason the original ones were still being used.

    I managed to correct the problem after deleting the originals.

    Thanks, RD
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    Binding an application icon

    I used VC .NET 2002 to produce a Win32 app, which is coming along nicely. However, I can't figure out how to bind an application icon to the executable (in Windows Explorer, the executable has a...
  12. Problem solved. Cheers, RD

    Problem solved.

    Cheers, RD
  13. Converting X11 bitmaps into Win32 bitmaps

    I've been assigned the task of converting an old X11 program to Win32.

    The program uses several X11 bitmap files that had been converted to source format via the XWriteBitmapFile() function. I...
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    You should be able to use operator DATE to cast a...

    You should be able to use operator DATE to cast a COleDateTime to a DATE, and use operator = to set a COleDateTime to a DATE.

    COleDateTime cdt1, cdt2;
    DATE dt;

    cdt1 =...
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    The problem only occurs when objects using the...

    The problem only occurs when objects using the code are placed in the global namespace. If they are contained within the COM component's class definition, they register OK.

    The suggestion to...
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    Problem with ATL COM and pointers

    I've been working on an ATL COM component (a DLL), which employs some manipulation of pointers. Unless I comment out certain lines, regsvr32 returns an error, stating that LoadLibrary failed due to...
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    Visual Studio .NET service packs

    Are there any service packs available for Visual Studio .NET? I can't find any at Microsoft.

    The reason I ask is that I'm getting wierd link errors with some of my code, and I've seen problems...
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    List of 8088 cycles

    I am working on porting an ancient DOS program written specifically for a 4.77Mhz 8088. This program uses delay loops specific to this processor, and I need to find out how many microseconds of...
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