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    start, stop timer in jpanel, please help

    I tried to add a timer with a start stop when mouse is clicked, but it is not working at all. Could someone please help me. it is the If statements for the timer. any help is much appreciate. thank...
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    Beginner coder using GUI JFrame

    Please Help! Cant figure this out.
    I am trying to rewrite a program given to me from my professor. I have a few days to figure this out. Time is running out. A program out of our books called...
  3. abstract methods and classes, need help and guidance very bad.

    I am trying to complete this task and I am to a certain point I need some guidance.
    my first task is as follows..........

    task: Develop an abstract class called Recipe with the following...
  4. Re: any help would be apreciated with arrays, exception in thread

    I am new to java , so I am not quite sure what I need to do with it. could you please explain a little more in depth? thnaks
  5. any help would be apreciated with arrays, exception in thread

    I am getting the following error.....

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
    at NameSplitter.main(

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    using array , please help

    i have an assignment to complete by Wednesday and need some help. i have to build a program using 2 arrays and store the first name in the array of first names, and store the last name in the array...
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    need help soon on error.

    People your help would be appreciate very much. I just started working 15 hours a day and dont have alot of time for coding, so your help will be very much appreciate. below is the code i have now...
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    help with overloading code

    Can anyone help me with overloading. I have a task that starts with 2 numbers being entered by the user. then it increases to three numbers entered then 4 . how can I get the user input then have the...
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    Re: write to file in loop, help please--java

    Thank you for your help Alex. I finished the code and it looks like the following....
    can you look at it and recommend any changes that might help my coding technique?

    import java.util.*;...
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    write to file in loop, help please--java

    Can anyone help me please, I cant figure out what I am doing wrong or missing. I need to enter a sentence and write it to a file over and over again until the word done is typed then it should exit...
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    Beginner needs help! Java code enclosed

    I have this code and have it almost complete. all I need to do is have it start
    back where the non integer was entered instead of the integer. for example if you are on the 3rd integer entered and...
  12. Re: File import and read file, HELP PLEASE!!!:) beginner coder

    thank you Alex for your reply. I do need to have a total of all the numbers by column. for instance....column 1 Par, Column 2-5 Player1-4. I have tried different ways to get a total, my latest...
  13. File import and read file, HELP PLEASE!!!:) beginner coder

    I am trying to write this code but I am running into a brick wall, I Import this file and everything is good. but when I try to add the Players and Par for a Total at the bottom I keep getting...
  14. Re: point me in the right direction, would be very helpful--Java-HELP PLEASE

    TY very much AlexVV, I am quite new to Java and trying to learn quickly the basics of Java. I have posted a few other codes and if you would be nice enough to point me or guide me in the right...
  15. point me in the right direction, would be very helpful--Java-HELP PLEASE

    Hello to all the Java Gurus....Please help!
    I am very close to completing this assignment and I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. The output is suppose to be my 3 initials(Capitalized) and...
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    JAva help, need to understand

    Hello everyone, I desperately need someone to help me figure out why the output, listed on the bottom of post, is giving me a result of 220. I need to understand why this is giving me the result of...
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    can anyone help me please

    I need to use the modulous operator on this program. can anyone steer me in the correct direction. I am new to Java and I am trying to understand this language. Please help, my code is as follows
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    one entry line of code, Java

    Hello everyone, I am new to Java and need some help. the question is as follows.....

    Create a modified version of this project as follows:

    Allow the user to enter the hours, minutes, and...
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    Re: serious help needed, java code

    Thank You AlbertGM for your response, I really do appreciate your assistance. Now i need to find out how to make this work with one entry instead of three. Here is the question/Assignment........
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    serious help needed, java code

    I am new to Java and this site. My assignment is to write a program that displays a time in this format(00:00:00) in one line of code. can anyone help me with this. the following is what i have...
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