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    Re: AJAX code does not always work in IE

    Internet Explorer is called worst Nightmare for developers, because the code that would work in other browsers would stop working. Even though IE is used by a very small group of audience but...
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    Re: I have the maven blues

    This error occurs when Maven can not download dependencies. One of the following reasons could be responsible for this type of error:

    The POM misses the declaration of the <repository> which...
  3. Re: coding for a gaming app - course and details

    Colleges mostly offer a basic programming course in game development or web development, but if your are interested in learning advanced game development then you need to develop small games, because...
  4. Re: what are Best Mobile Development Framework

    Framework for application development depends upon the language that is selected by the developers, because every language has its own framework for mobile application development. For Android...
  5. Re: Making my project file larger

    Developers always try to write short and simple code. Because simple and short code is easy to understand but if you wish to increase the size of the program, then you can add more functionality or...
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    Re: To improve website security

    There are many security testing tools on the internet that you can use to test the web application for the security vulnerabilities like SQL injection, Man-in-the-Middle-Attack and...
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    Re: What to learn for 2017

    Beside Ajax, HTML, CSS, you can also concentrate on javascript frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone, CreateJS, EmberJS and do not miss out NodeJS with EpressJS and MongoDB on the server side....
  8. Re: Difference between Errors and Exceptions? (newbie)

    An Error indicates serious problems that a reasonable application should not try to catch and an Exception indicates conditions that a reasonable application might want to catch. Unchecked exceptions...
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    Re: security testing - recommendations?

    There are different tools in the market that can be used to test the web applications and each tool is used for testing the a different feature of the system. You can check this list of tools for...
  10. Re: Create/Edit OneNote Notebooks, Export Notebook to PDF & Image Format using .NET

    Users mostly use the PDF converter tools to convert different file formats into PDF. PDF files can be shared across multiple devices and machine. These files are used to preserve the original content...
  11. Other Re: Google events doesn't work with google forms

    You can check the open web analytics tool. It has a Document Object Model (DOM) click tracking, which uses code snippets to report when visitors click on specified links, buttons, and images. It even...
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    Re: Animated Video for Your Business

    Every business require a video in their website for marketing. The videos make it easier for the users to know what type of product or services the company is offering. Many companies have created...
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    Re: "ERROR Unable to open NSF file."

    Check this site to fix the NSF file errors:
  14. Re: Here Is Top 10 Java Interview Questions

    Following are some additional core interview questions that are asked by the companies:

    Can you override a private or static method in Java?
    Does Java support multiple inheritances?
    What is a...
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    Re: how to view the code of a jar file?

    If you are using eclipse, you can simply add the jar file into your project. After adding the jar file, you will be able to view the source code.
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    Re: Cluster or unique index MySql DB?

    CLUSTER INDEXES are used to sort and store data rows in the table and they are viewed based on the rows. There can be only one cluster index for one table because the data is stored in the rows in an...
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    Re: Would like to learn Ajax - Yohanaton

    You can watch video tutorial for AJAX from this website:
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    Re: how to jpeg image load in HTML ?

    To load an image in HTML, you need to write following source code:
    <img src="pic.jpg" alt="Pic image" style="width:200px;height:200px;">
    and you also need to paste the image in your project folder...
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    Re: Thinking in Java

    Even if the book is old you can still learn from it but i would suggest that you use a latest edition for learning java because many things have changed in the IDEs and it will make it difficult for...
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    Re: Looking for core JAVA exercises

    I recommend reading the Sun's tutorials for improving your coding skills in all areas of programming. Coding Bat site is providing some good exercises for beginners. Project Euler is another good...
  21. Re: admin post: C++ Testing Tools - your favorite?

    You can use google framework for testing . Google has a framework called googletest which is used for writing C++ tests for a variety of platforms like Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Cygwin, Windows CE,...
  22. Re: Does anyone know the resources available for Java Programming

    Since you are new to java programming, first you need to start with the basics. Udemy online courses and lynda provides the easiest video tutorials. You can also learn advanced java from these...
  23. Re: Bind two DataTables to a third DataTable

    You haven't mentioned if you are using oracle or mysql?
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    Re: Graphic Design and Logo

    Yes, but finding the best logo designing company is difficult these days because some designers only copy the logo of another company. Which cause issues later.
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