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    C++ new specification syntax problem

    Hello guys,
    I have some trouble understanding the following syntax.

    This is supposed to be compiled under VS2019. Now, I want to compile it under 2015. How to make the changes to make them...
  2. How can I move a single color value into 4 different channel arrays?

    After establishing 4 channels arrays like this,

    std::vector<std::vector<double>> rchannel;
    std::vector<std::vector<double>> gchannel;
    std::vector<std::vector<double>> bchannel;...
  3. How to retrieve the address of the surface of a HWND?

    I've got a little Directdraw application, that currently is rendering into the desktop (the listview), but I want to divert it to another window, How can I get the surface address of the HWND?

  4. Avoiding drawings from one device context from overwriting another one?

    First, I've got 2 separate device contexts to draw on, they are both static images. However, one of them is going to be moved around. As usual, these 2 device contexts is updated on a game loop,
  5. Re: How to force windows 7 to update/refresh forcefully?

    shortcut icons, taskbar, wallpaper etc, but I found the way...using ::InvalidateRect(NULL, NULL, FALSE);
  6. How to force windows 7 to update/refresh forcefully?

    I want to force the windows 7 desktop to refresh itself by force? and by code. How can I achieve this?
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    Paint Operation for this truth table?

    What paint operation can I use for the following truth table?

    Truth Table

    0 0 => 0
    1 0 => Src
    0 1 => Dest
    1 1 => Src
  8. Returning a vector of "objects" or floats out of a function

    The third-user library, inside of the c file, when I include the vector header, it just doesn't compile because of certain conflict. But I indeed want to retrieve a set of values out of that...
  9. How to create a transparent with opacity bitmap, that is moved around on the desktop?

    Dear all,

    We used to have some little programs like the windows desktop dancers, which are very old stuff. But I wonder how they were made. any examples?

  10. Help with constructing a video file using a series of bitmaps and chunks of aud data?

    I've tried using ffmpeg, but I couldn't get it to work. At the very beginning, I cannot register the codecs by calling av_register_codecs() and later I couldn't find the relevant codec(s) to use....
  11. Is it possible to get a screen capture on windows 7 without capturing its own window?

    If I use GetDesktopWindow(), it includes the window which starts the capturing, I don't want to include that window. Just everything except the firing program. how can I achieve this?
  12. Retrieving Mathematical formulae and manipulating them with C++?

    #define formula_( operand0, operator0, operand1 ) printf_s("%d %s %d", ##operand0, ##operator0, ##operand1 )

    int red = 1;
    int green = 2;
    int blue = 3;

    int v = formula_(red, "+", blue);

  13. Re: Calling on an element of a matrix class

  14. Re: Calling on an element of a matrix class

    The original definition of the matrix is:

    template<class T, size_t Rows, size_t Cols> using matrix = std::array<std::array<T, Cols>, Rows>;

    I was unable to compie this with some low-end...
  15. Calling on an element of a matrix class

    The line:

    sum += (gauss[x + 2][y + 2] = exp(-(x * x + y * y) / s) / s / M_PI);

    cannot be compiled.

    which says:
  16. Converting number literals to time_point?

    I would like to create a boost::chrono::system_clock::time_point based on the supplied date and time...
    What is the way to do it?

    void SimClock::SetStartTime(unsigned int year,...
  17. [RESOLVED] Writing an extremely tiny number to disk

    float matWorld[16]

    errno_t err = _wfopen_s( &fFile, File.c_str(), L"wb" );
    fwrite( (void*) matWorld, sizeof(float), 16, fFile);

    The numbers are as small as these

  18. Cannot save a wav file after SampleGrabber grabs the audio sample?

    DexterLib::_AMMediaType mt;
    ZeroMemory(&mt, sizeof(AM_MEDIA_TYPE));
    //mt.majortype = MEDIATYPE_Video;
    //mt.subtype = MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB24;
    mt.majortype = MEDIATYPE_Audio;
    mt.formattype =...
  19. How to create a directshow video capture filter?

    After creating a capture graph builder, how can I directly query a video capture filter? The example I have only got an enumerator for all devices thru monkiers... is it the only path I need to use?...
  20. Which interface should I grab if I want to build an audio filter for directshow?

  21. Re: Promoting a derived struct to another deriving struct

    Why this thing is always a problem? I mean I create FRAME's inside this function (the B) and return to the caller, then the caller accepts it as a derived class (the A)

    newFrame->pFrameSibling ...
  22. Promoting a derived struct to another deriving struct

    struct A

    struct B : public A

    A* a = new A();
    B* b = (B*) a;
  23. Are there any websites that teach how to create a self-contained desktop?

    The desktop which includes the taskbar, sidebar, desktop wallpaper, desktop icons, screensavers and sounds,
    To my understanding, a program called dexpot uses the method of overlaying multiple...
  24. Want to distribute a pointer of a transient value?

    I store a local position in my class, and I also have some uses on the world position, the world position is calculated from the local position. Some other modules may request a world position...
  25. Passing some parameters from 64bit exe to 32bit dll?

    The caveat is that it works, you can call over from 64bit exe to 32bit dll...
    I need to use a 32bit dll in that case is that I need to use that dll to hook a 32bit program.
    And now I want to supply...
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