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  1. Re: How can I connect and controll bluetooth and NXT block with Java?

    This I am not sure of, I have never worked with android first of all, hopefully someone else might help you there.

    When we did this we flashed the NTX drive and installed the program to the NTX if...
  2. Re: How can I connect and controll bluetooth and NXT block with Java?

    I'm not sure what the issue is. You are practically saying you have a problem and that you want help fixing it.
    Please try to describe what you need to have explained and what you have tried, this...
  3. Re: How can I connect and controll bluetooth and NXT block with Java?

    I did this a while back and we used LEJOS, which was very smooth and easy. We didn't use Bluetooth for sending the program (you can do that too though) but for transfering data during our runs.
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    ZipEntry to

    I have a zip file containing folders which in turn contains xml files I would like to parse. I have the content as ZipEntry objects and my parser takes InputSource objects.

    In the translation i...
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    Re: File not found exception

    Well I Think the parse() method is preset to use the relative path and just want the file name as input. However I don't know how to change to the relative path if I have to go back a couple of...
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    File not found exception

    I am trying to implement an program that allows me to choose a file using JFileChooser, and parse the xml file using a SAX parser. I get the absolute path using:...
  7. Choosing algorithm depending on tree data structure

    I have a data tree which is very wide. I have under 1000 nodes/file and never more than 4 levels deep (counting the root element as level 0).

    Now I want to calculate the difference between two of...
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    Ordered or unordered trees

    I wonder if there is a site,database or something where I can check if a dtd, schema or similar is ordered or unordered?

    What I mean by ordered or unordered is
    - Unordered is when the order of...
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    read every entry of a zip file

    I'm trying to make a program a program that can choose a zip file and iterate through each file. For now I'm happy with either assigning a string variable as the full path to the file or assigning...
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    Error in slx file

    I am playing around a bit with the slx format and I came a cross an error that startled me a bit.

    I have a file junk.slx that contains everything a basic slx file does which is a bunch of xml...
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    Re: three way merging of xml documents

    I guess you are right, not the answer one was hoping for since it all seems so massive to get into at times. I don't want to get into writing my own parser... That seems to be way out of my league....
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    three way merging of xml documents

    I want to use Java to implement a Three way merge software for slx files. slx is a compressed file format containing mainly xml documents.
    The sizes of the xml files is pretty small, several of the...
  13. Re: Assigning library items as objects (or variable)

    Yes I want to open a files with file extension slx (Matlab Simulink files). And the internal files are mainly xml which are the ones I want to manipulate as a DOM or similar.
  14. Thread: Xpath or DOM?

    by mikeymoo

    Xpath or DOM?

    In my thesis I will attempt to implement a program that can merge libraries of XML documents.
    I can't seem to find any sort of good comparisson between Xpath and DOM. Anyone with experience that...
  15. Assigning library items as objects (or variable)

    I would like to do the following with a compressed file:
    1.) change file extension to zip
    2.) Open the file (now a folder) and find all files within and assign them to an object or variable to be...
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