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  1. How to shoot yourself in the foot in C and C++. Haiku OS Cookbook

    PVS studio has just published a series of 4 articles looking over errors and bugs they identified in our sourcecode. PVS is a code static analysis tool that identifies code likely to be incorrect.
  2. Every 4000 lines of Android code contain a potential vulnerability

    Last year, developers of the static code analyzer PVS-Studio already cited the result of their research on the operating system Tizen example and now again the choice fell on another, no less popular...
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    Amazon Lumberyard: A Scream of Anguish

    Video games are among the most popular software products. Now a new game engine, Amazon Lumberyard, has joined this huge industry. The project is currently in the beta phase and still has time to get...
  4. Couple of words about development of a new static analyzer for Java code.

    PVS-Studio static analyzer team, which until recently was searching for bugs and potential vulnerabilities only in C, C++, and C# code, has prepared a new version of their tool for Java code as well....
  5. Static Analysis in Video Game Development: Top 10 Software Bugs

    If you are a software developer working in the video game industry and wondering what else you could do to improve the quality of your product or make the development process easier and you don't use...
  6. Static Code Analyzer: the Additional Insurance of the Medical Software

    Software bugs can lead not only to material losses, but also can damage human's health. For example, actors on the stage of a theatre can get injured if suddenly one of the scenery begins to go down...
  7. PVS-Studio 2018: CWE, Java, RPG, macOS, Keil, IAR, MISRA


    2018 year is approaching and it's time to think about new directions for development of our PVS-Studio static analyzer. At the moment, the greatest concern for us is the Java language...
  8. Code Quality Comparison of Firebird, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

    Firebird, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are probably the most famous representatives of DBMS. Naturally, these projects often are compared with each other - by functionality, usability, etc. We have decided...
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    Sticky: C++17: possibilities and examples

    Due to constant С++ extension developers have to be in-the-know and regularly follow all the changes, introduced by the new standard. So, new possibilities and rules have been introduced in C++17....
  10. Researcher Claims Samsung's Tizen OS is Poorly Programmed; Contains 27,000 Bugs!

    A researcher has claimed that Samsung's Tizen operating system that runs on millions of Samsung products is so poorly programmed that it could contain nearly 27,000 programming errors, which could...
  11. Static analysis as a method of improving the quality of Unreal Engine code

    The methodology of static analysis is taking a solid ground in the programming world. With the increasing size of modern application programs, the use of tools, helping to control the quality and...
  12. The Evil within the Comparison Functions

    Programmers are very attentive people. The specifics of their work is that even one typo can break the logic of the whole program. Such errors can be detected by specialized code analysis tools. But...
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    Errors in Visual C++ 2017 Libraries

    An interesting piece of news for the developers using Visual Studio 2017. PVS-Studio team checked Visual C++ libraries and wrote an article about the bugs they found in the source code. This article...
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    Bugs in FreeBSD

    Developers of a static analyzer decided to recheck the FreeBSD project and to show that even in such serious and qualitative projects PVS-Studio easily finds errors. This was the topic of their blog...
  15. Analysis of PascalABC.NET using SonarQube plugins: SonarC# and PVS-Studio

    In November 2016, we posted an article about the development and use of the PVS-Studio plugin for SonarQube. We received great feedback from our customers and interested users who requested testing...
  16. Bug of the month in Open Source projects

    PVS-Studio team reviewed a large number of projects that they checked from January 2014 to March and selected 54 interesting bugs: 39 for the C/C++ language and 15 for C#, because we started the C#...
  17. How to capture a variable in C# and not to shoot yourself in the foot

    Back in 2005, with the release of C# 2.0 standard we got a possibility to pass a variable to the body of an anonymous delegate by capturing it from the current context. In 2008 the C# 3.0 brought us...
  18. How to use PVS-Studio static code analyzer for free

    We want to help the software world improve the quality of their code, and get to know static analysis tools better. We are giving the opportunity to use PVS-Studio static code analyzer for free, for...
  19. Control source code quality using the SonarQube platform


    A SonarQube quality model implements the SQALE methodology (Software Quality Assessment based on Lifecycle Expectations) with certain improvements. As it is well known, the SQALE methodology...
  20. Bugs in LLVM that are worth paying attention to

    After checking the GCC compiler with the help of PVS-Studio analyzer, a number of readers have noticed that the quality of the GCC code and its diagnosis arenít really great, while Clang compiler is...
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    Static code analyzer for Linux

    We are happy to announce that starting with the 6.10 version, PVS-Studio static code analyzer is available for the GNU/Linux operating systems. Linux version of PVS-Studio supports the analysis of...
  22. Chatbots, and how will Microsoft help us with this?

    Generally, a chatbot is a program that can imitate a meaningful dialogue with the user via text or speech in the language known to the user. The goal of such a dialogue, is often to answer the user...
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    How to avoid bugs using modern C++

    One of the main problems with C++ is having a huge number of constructions whose behavior is undefined, or is just unexpected for a programmer. We often come across them when using our static...
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    PVS-Studio is now friends with Linux


    The development team of PVS-Studio static code analyzer has long and persistently been developing their product for Windows OS, and thus, proved itself as a reliable provider of high quality...
  25. Python and Ruby implementations compared by the error density

    Often people ask questions - which programming language is easier, which is the most popular, which one to start learning and so on. In this article we will compare two languages Python and Ruby;...
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