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  1. And now for something completely different

    Folks I'm out of here.

    I accepted a position in Singapore (limited to 1 year). No more software development.

    It's been fun to participate in one of the best and busiest VB forums on the web.
  2. Re: How do I save large text files faster?

    get a faster disk or use asynchronous I/O, i.e IO completion ports. It won't make writing faster, but allows your program to continue doing other stuff while the OS saves the file.
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    Re: How to work with array of labels?

    you didn't tell us the line where the error occurred, so I am only guessing.
    You need to Load the elements of your control array:

    Grid.Col = 0
    For a = 1 To 10
    Load test(a)
    test(a).LinkTopic =...
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    Re: Eeek! DLL uses C, not stdcall!

    >There must be some reason for using C instead

    Actually there IS a reason for using cdecl calling convention. It allows you to write functions with a variable list of arguments, such as the...
  5. Re: File I/O and Data Types Written By VC++

    check out the Get statement in VB online help.
    it is designed for reading structs.
  6. Re: Using dialog to get info from user . . .

    >How do you make those properties private (i.e., MyDiag.Text1.Text)?

    You mean, you want to make the builtin properties of VB's builtin control private? There is no way that I know of to achieve...
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    Re: DLL-Call within another DLL-Call?

    what is LongLong supposed to be?
    You have to somehow tell VB what it means, otherwise it won't work.
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    Re: Eeek! DLL uses C, not stdcall!

    >I do know a little C/C++, so could I just create my own DLL, which will consist of stubs funcs that call the bad DLLs funcs - but I'll declare mine using stdcall. Is this my only option? Will it...
  9. Re: HTML that can (server-side) open-read-and display text from txt file

    Actually, since the file is a plain text file and resides on the server, he might as well just load it into a hidden IFRAME via scripting (document.frames("myIFrame").location.href = "http...txt"
  10. Thread: Setup

    by Lothar Haensler

    Re: Setup

    That's the bad thing about VB. Depending on the REferences and Controls that you use in your VB program, Setupwizard will add tons of runtime support files to your setup.

    The good thing is, if...
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    Re: VB and Oracle Stored procedure

    I don't know, I have never tried it with Access.
  12. Re: fso code for html files

    >thanx, but no other rating is permitted! :-) Meal in Greece, ok?

    I'll have Bifteki, Souflaki and a really big portion of Gyros :-)
    ...not mention lots of Ouzo!
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    Re: Highlight color

    search MSDN for an article with the following title:
    "HOWTO: Use Custom System Colors Only When Your App Has Focus"
    it has all the details and source code.
  14. Re: fso code for html files

    for i = lbound(varray) to ubound(varray)
    if vArray(i) like "whateverYouAreSearchingFor" then
    end if
    next i
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    Re: Working with Time in VBA

    >I have tried everything I could think of but have been unsuccessful at getting it to work.

    Does "everything" include the DateAdd function?
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    Re: VB and Oracle Stored procedure

    as always in ADO there are several ways to call an SP.
    A "good" way:
    dim cmd as new ADODB.Command
    set cmd.ActiveConnection = mainConnecttionObject
    cmd.Commandtype = adCmdStoredProc...
  17. Re: fso code for html files

    >Does the same problem exists with the usuall i/o functions?

    I think so.

    >I have to modify the string variable 's1' and then write it's contents to the html file. But how can I manipulate such...
  18. Re: fso code for html files

    open it for reading,
    read everything
    close it
    open it for writing
    write everything!

    private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim fso as FileSystemObject
    Dim HTMLFile as File
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    Re: DoEvents

    >I understand that DoEvents passes control to the operating system.

    IMHO that's only partly true. In a true multitasking OS like Windows NT (4+), the OS does NOT wait for apps to get control. IT...
  20. Re: HTML that can (server-side) open-read-and display text from txt file

    you can use "open for Input" and "Line Input..." and "Print #..." statements, because HTML files are plain text files.

    >Can I also find which are the 10 last lines, and overwrite them with 10...
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    Re: Use of Find

    MSDN says:
    "Only a single-column name may be specified in criteria. This method does not support multi-column searches."
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    Re: TerminateProcess

    well, you commented out the lines that refer to Win9x. Just read your own post.
    You need to use the Toolhelpsnapshot stuff for Win9x.
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    Re: Datatype date

    use Variant datatype in your VB program instead of a Date datatype.
    Dim d As Variant
    d = Null
    If IsNull(d) Then
    MsgBox "null"
    End If
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    Re: VB4-16 Graph16 GPF

    >Do you have any suggestions on what might be causing the GPF, or how to isolate the problem, given our inability to replicate it?

    Not at all, but it is high time to open the doors to the 32 bit...
  25. Re: HTML that can (server-side) open-read-and display text from txt file

    >need vb and don't need vb? Finally? I prefer vb ofcourse having no other programming experience... :-)

    OK, it's your choice. Personally I'd avoid installing a VB app on the server, given all the...
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