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    Mystery Function Exit

    Ok here is what is going on.
    I have a program that uses a database dictionary.
    It also has a update part to it. When i try updating the database i use this.

    open update file blah blah blah

    do until eof(fr)
    line input #fr , temp

    TheLet = LCase(Mid(Trim(temp), 1, 1))

    split up the word and the definition

    Set RecSet = DB.OpenRecordset("dict " & TheLet)
    With RecSet
    RecSet(TheLet) = Trim(wordtemp) 'Add word
    RecSet(TheLet & " def") = Trim(deftemp) 'Add def
    Set RecSet = Nothing
    end with

    close #fr

    Now at random times usually withing 200 it will just exit the sub/function and pretend it has done it. It does add the ones that it did, but it stops part of the way through and just leaves like it determines where it is supposed to be. Stupid thing. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thats funny

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    Re: Mystery Function Exit

    Never Mind I was stupid. I didn't think about turning off on error goto error. and i found out that i was sending to big of text for the field.

    Thats funny

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