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Thread: How can I generate numbers w/out duplicates...

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    How can I generate numbers w/out duplicates...

    Hi all,

    I want to be able to generate 6 random numbers from 1 to 20 and place each of those numbers into a label(of which there are 6).

    But each number must be unique, i.e. no duplicates.

    Any possible code for this???



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    The first technic would be to generated a random number, look for an array to see if it has already been generated, and continue like that.

    But a better method would be to generate an array of 20 (with the number from 1 to 20) and shuffle the array (you know, swap elements) a X number of times, and after just take the number from indice 0 to 5, look at this example:

    JeffB - hope it helps
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