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Thread: Get smbios structure

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    Unhappy Get smbios structure


    I wanna get the smbios structure in Win32 environment (95-Xp)
    I heard four methods to do this:

    1. Use direct memory access. Smbios information stores from 0x0000f000, we can parse this area into useful data. But it can't be implemented with 32bits application in NT+ envirnoment because of OS's access protection.

    2. Use driver in NT+ or vxd in 95/98

    3. Run 16bits application

    4. Use WMI

    I wanna make a application to get smbios structure without driver, and it can be used at every platform. I can't use WMI because some OS have no WMI support (95/98/NT)

    Can someone give me a little advice?

    I have some source codes to dump bios written in assembly and dephi, but I can't use those resources in C/C++/VC++..

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    Re: Get smbios structure

    Could i know where i can get assembly code for reading SMBIOS?

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