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Thread: Creating Shortcuts with VB

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    Creating Shortcuts with VB

    I currently have an app that runs under win9X, one of the features is to create shortcuts on the desktop, I know need the program on winXP but the API call I use no longer works!

    Private Declare Function OSfCreateShellLink Lib "vb6stkit.dll" Alias "fCreateShellLink" _
    (ByVal lpstrFolderName As String, ByVal lpstrLinkName As String, _
    ByVal lpstrLinkPath As String, ByVal lpstrLinkArguments As String, _
    ByVal fPrivate As Long, ByVal sParent As String) As Long

    Do you know why this is? is there a different line of code, the machine I am testing it on has all the right DLLs but it just wont work

    Thanks for any help

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    Thanks for the site but that is the code i already have, it doesnt work on XP, i think it is to do with the first arguement, in all the info sources i have found it has had "..\..\desktop" but the desktop path in xp is different! any more help would be greatly appreciated!



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    There is another way to create a shortcut. To make the following code works, add a reference to Windows Script Host Model:

        'code modified from 
        Dim WshShell As New WshShell
        Dim oShellLink As WshShortcut
        'Create and save the shortcut
        'Here, it is important the the extension end by .lnk
        Set oShellLink = WshShell.CreateShortcut( "C:\TestLink.lnk" )
        With oShellLink
    	'Shortcut to which file (can be anything, .exe, .doc, ...)
            .TargetPath = "C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\calc.exe"
            .WindowStyle = 1
            .IconLocation = "C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\calc.exe, 0"
            .Arguments = ""
        End With
        Set WshShell = Nothing
        Set oShellLink = Nothing
    Note that you'll have to use GetSpecialFolders to know where is the ShortCut and change "C:\TestLink.lnk" by the desktop folder AND the name of the link

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    That worked a treat thanx

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