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Thread: Visual C++ Network: How to get the local IP address(es)?

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    Visual C++ Network: How to get the local IP address(es)?

    Q: How to get the local IP address(es)?

    A: The following example will get up to ten assigned IP addresses...

    #include <winsock2.h>
    // Add 'ws2_32.lib' to your linker options
    // Initialize winsock dll
    if(::WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(1, 0), &WSAData))
      // Error handling
    // Get local host name
    char szHostName[128] = "";
    if(::gethostname(szHostName, sizeof(szHostName)))
      // Error handling -> call 'WSAGetLastError()'
    // Get local IP addresses
    struct sockaddr_in SocketAddress;
    struct hostent     *pHost        = 0;
    pHost = ::gethostbyname(szHostName);
      // Error handling -> call 'WSAGetLastError()'
    char aszIPAddresses[10][16]; // maximum of ten IP addresses
    for(int iCnt = 0; ((pHost->h_addr_list[iCnt]) && (iCnt < 10)); ++iCnt)
      memcpy(&SocketAddress.sin_addr, pHost->h_addr_list[iCnt], pHost->h_length);
      strcpy(aszIPAddresses[iCnt], inet_ntoa(SocketAddress.sin_addr));
    // Cleanup
    As with everything, there exists of course other ways and other information which can be retrieved...some examples can be found in the following knowledge base article.

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