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    Exclamation Rules for the Announcements Forum

    The general posting rules apply to this forum.

    When posting to this forum, please do not post more than one message regarding a single product. Information posted should be of interest to developers. Posting links to other, competitive sites is also not allowed and such postings may be removed.

    If you are unsure if a posting is appropriate, feel free to contact this forum's moderator or me.

    New Rule (added 10/27/2013) -
    Note that this forum is to allow people to post news, announcements and press releases. You can do that for your own product as well (provided it fits within the context of this forum's topics). It is, however, considered rude and in very poor taste to respond to a press release with information on your own product in the same category. Do your own announcement - don't sap off of someone else's post. Responses of competitive products by posters with less than 10 posts will be considered spam. The poster will be banned and the responses removed without notification. This rule is the notification. People with 10 posts or more will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

    New Rule/Clarification (added 03/21/2016) -
    References to a various
    uses of a single product are still references to a single product. In such cases, the above single post rule applies.

    New Rule/Clarification (added 03/21/2016) -
    In general, you can post about a the same product at the time a notable new release
    happens; however, in general, this should not happen more than once a month.

    New Rule/Clarification (added 05/4/2017) -
    There is a fine line between announcements, news,and press releases versus advertisements. This forum is not for advertisements. If you'd like to advertise, then please check out the link at the bottom of our pages to connect to our sales team. Advertisements will be removed without notice. Advertisements would be subject lines that talk about limited time discounts, pricing, or other 'sales' angles rather than focusing on product feature and benefits.

    The admin and management staff reserves the right to change the rules of this forum at any time. If you are in doubt as to whether you can post again on a product, you can always ask the moderator team or admin via PM or email.


    Brad Jones

    As of 28 Sept 2018 The ANNOUNCEMENT section is now Closed/Read Only.
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