JXMLPad is a java component for editing XML/HTML document.

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News :

- add a DocumentInfo objet inside the current XMLContainer for improving the document action management (loading/saving with the good filter, default DTD...)
- Each time a document is updated, the cursor is located before the first tag and the current editor gets the focus
- SystemHelper for completion on comment, cdata and system part
- Document integrity available inside the XMLContainer for avoiding to save a bad XML document, or to avoid user to corrupt tags
- All default action return a boolean inside the notifyAction method showing if no error has been met
- Features have been added on actions
- A comment is removed when no content is found
- A toolkit has been added for editing easily single file (com.japisoft.xmlpad.toolkit.SingleDocumentEditor)

Bugs fixed :

- Undo was available for a new document
- Old DTD completion was reused for new document without DTD
- Syntax coloration for comments was bad for multiple empty lines
- Parsing was not validating for a document with a DTD
- Formatting could create attribute duplicata
- User could insert a comment inside a tag
- Comments were only on one line

Features :

* JDK 1.2 and later version compatible
* Java bean usage
* Syntax coloration (tag, string, entities...)
* Syntax completion for tag and entities
* Look-and-feel plugIn
* Customizable action toolbar
* Customizable coloration for tags, attributes,namespaces
* Syntax correction
* Template for easy creation
* Easy to integrate in your application
* Several standard action for XML usage (parsing, search, comment...)
* Standard Swing EditorKit
* Real time tree text synchronization and location
* Auto tag closing
* Customizable with a property file
* Sample for JSP/XML editing, applet and standalone usage
* Sources can be provided for the registered version

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