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Thread: rs.filter

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    I am using the recordset filter

    dim buildFilter as string
    buildFilter filterLine = "RECORD_KEY LIKE ' " & txt1.text & "*' "
    RS.Filter = buildFilter

    As long as the buildFilter is string I have no problem but if I try to use between I get error...

    I need a way to filter a text.
    my string format is "yyyy/mm/dd"
    I need that when the user enter 2003 all the records with this year will pass the filter and the others will be "removed". and so on, when the user enters 12 all the records of december of that year will be selected.

    Any ideas?

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    if I try to use between I get error
    vs2008, 3.5SP1 Version 9.0.21022.8 RTM

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    between :
    like in sql
    select date where
    date between 1/1/2003 and 31/12/2004

    but I prefer a way that the date format will be YYYY/mm/dd

    So when the user press 2 all the dates of the 2***/**/** will be selected...
    when he complete entering the year 2003 just the date of this year will appear in the rs... 2003/**/**
    and so on with the month 2003/12/** just dates in december 2003 etc.

    Since someone used the filter for a date I bet there is something like that but from some reson I can't find it.

    Thank you for telling me my question was not clear I hope that now it makes more sense


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