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Thread: Trolltech QT

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    Trolltech QT

    I've been researching how to achieve platform independence with C++ GUI apps, and QT seems at first glance to be the clear winner. I have a few questions though. If I want to create an app for three platforms (say Windows, Mac, and Linux), would I need three licenses of Trolltech, one for each platform, in addition to a C++ compiler license on each platform? What am I missing?
    Otherwise, Why is this not more widely used? It seems like a no brainer, one source for many platforms, object oriented GUI development, etc. Seems far superiour to VC. Thoughts?

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    They're pretty explicit about what they want for licenses on their
    pricing page . I was one time looking at it but the price for
    what I needed was absurd and the need wasn't great enough.

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    I wouldn't exactly call it a no-brainer, but it is certainly useful. As are other options like wxWindows, which has the advantage of being LGPL'd open source. And there are other solutions for particular needs (like cross platform sockets, threads, graphics, sound, etc.) which often benefit from the extra focus by offering more power. I find myself moving more and more to individual libraries for cross-platform capabilities among seperate framework pieces, because I like the flexibility that gives me and I find I have a greater chance for more freedom in the redistribution-of-binary licensing.

    But Qt is rather widely used, and for good reasons.

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    Originally posted by galathaea
    But Qt is rather widely used, and for good reasons.
    Well...that might be true....nevertheless, I have to agree with mdmd...they are more than expensive...I was looking into the option as well...but I do not see any reason why I should spend between 3400 to 5000 dollars just to play around a little bit at home. Even with the current exchange rate....that is simply too much...

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