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Thread: BMP tp JPG

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    BMP tp JPG

    My app captures a file from my webcam and I need to store it as a JPG, not a BMP. What can I do...

    I already have the file saved as a BMP. How can I convert this BMP file to a JPG file......

    Is there a OCX that can help?

    Any help would be great


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    Some code on planet-source-code
    (This one claimed to do the job without thirdy part dll. If true,
    must be really interesting...)

    (well, tested: seems to work! - whow!-)

    (With classical Ijl11.dlll)

    (same as above. Here also code to capture screen and save...)

    (Bmp to jpg with thirdy part dll I do not know, but Iouri used -see last links)

    a batch tool

    '----From Codeguru
    Iouri (and others) example

    The jpg format

    Where to download the intel dll ( Ijlxx.dlll) if you do not find it
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    all the other wonderful people who made and make Codeguru a great place.
    Come back soon, you Gurus.

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    capture to jpb

    try videocap activex that can direct capture from web cam to jpg file.

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