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    Question Software/business trends reports

    I have been given the task of forming a group that will look at Software trends and our business trends and create forecast reports, suggestions about how we should position ourselves in terms of software. I have been looking for examples or suggested report formats but haven't found any, does anyone have suggestions?

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    Re: Software/business trends reports

    The choice of the right programming language for cross-platform mobile app development depends on various factors such as project requirements, developer expertise, and specific platform features. Some popular options include:

    Flutter (Dart):

    Known for its expressive UI and excellent performance.
    Hot reload feature for faster development.
    React Native (JavaScript/TypeScript):

    Widely adopted with a large community.
    Code reusability between iOS and Android platforms.
    Xamarin (C#):

    Seamless integration with Visual Studio.
    Strong code-sharing capabilities.
    SwiftUI (Swift):

    Ideal for iOS development.
    Considerations for cross-platform use, but limitations may apply.
    The choice ultimately depends on project requirements, team expertise, and the specific goals of the mobile app development. You should look for the best [URL removed] if you want to set up your own app
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    Re: Software/business trends reports

    Sawyer Blake - Did you happen to notice the DATE that this thread was started?

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