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Thread: C++ Design Pattern: What is a Design Pattern?

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    C++ Design Pattern: What is a Design Pattern?

    Q: What is a Design Pattern?

    A: Design Patterns represent solutions to problems what arise when developing software within a particular context.

    Each pattern describes a problem which occurs over and over again in our environment, and then describes the core of the solution to that problem, in such a way that you can use this solution a million times over, without ever doing it the same way twice.
    C. Alexander, The Timeless Way of Building, 1979
    Patterns help you learn from other's successes, instead of your own failures.
    Mark Johnson (cited by Bruce Eckel)

    Q: How many types of design patterns exist?

    A: Basically, there are three categories:
    • Creational Patterns: deal with initializing and configuring classes and objects
    • Structural Patterns: deal with decoupling the interface and implementation of classes and objects
    • Behavioral Patterns: deal with dynamic interactions among societies of classes and objects

    Q: What are good books about design patterns.

    A: Here are some must-have books:

    Q: How can I quickly find information about a design pattern?

    A: Here are some links on the web:


    Creational Patterns

    Structural Patterns

    Behavioral Patterns

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    Resolved Re: C++ Design Pattern: What is a Design Pattern?

    and more resources on ( Make sure you read the design principles, it's very usefull for understanding the desing patterns:

    OO Design Principles:
    Open Close Principle
    Dependency Inversion Principle
    Interface Sergregation Principle
    Single Responsibility Principle
    Liskov's Substitution Principle

    Creational Patterns:
    Factory Method
    Abstract Factory
    Object Pool

    Behavioral Patterns:
    Chain of Responsibility
    Template Method

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