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    MFC FAQ Sections


    1. How to prevent a resizable window to be smaller than...?
    2. How do I create full screen applications?
    3. How to change the font of a control?
    4. What is the difference between 'BOOL' and 'bool'?
    5. How to change frame and caption window styles at run-time?
    6. How to make a simple text editor?
    7. How to make a simple Web Browser?
    8. How to process command line arguments in a MFC application?


    1. How to obtain a pointer to various objects?
    2. How to modify the default 'Open' dialog?
    3. How to get the active document anywhere in my application?


    1. How do I create transparent SDI views?


    1. How to change the background of the MDI main frame?


    1. How to show modeless dialogs behind the main window?
    2. How to hide/show/maximize/minimize a dialog?
    3. How to add a minimize/maximize button into your dialog?
    4. How to enable/disable the 'Close' button of your dialog at run-time?
    5. How to set/get the values of various controls?
    6. How to start your dialog application in hidden mode?
    7. How to set the dialog window always on top?
    8. How to create a non-rectangular dialog box?
    9. How to drag a dialog by grabbing any point?
    10. How to disable/change the behaviour of the <...> key in a dialog?
    11. How to enhance a dialog-based application with Menu, Toolbar...?


    1. How can I limit my application to one instance?
    2. How to get the application name?
    3. How to set the current working directory?
    4. How to get the current working directory?
    5. How to get the application directory?
    6. How to retrieve the version information of my application?
    7. How to get the system directory?
    8. How to get the windows directory?
    9. How to show a message box in ExitInstance of a dialog-based application?

    File System

    1. How to read a text file line by line?
    2. How to search for files in a directory and subdirectories?


    1. Where can I find references on Multithreading?
    2. How to create a worker thread?
    3. How to end a thread?
    4. How to use member functions as thread functions?
    5. How to access UI elements from a thread in MFC?


    1. How to build a resource-only DLL?


    1. How to detect memory leaks in MFC?
    2. How to manage memory leaks?
    3. How to use 'ASSERT' and deal with assertion failures?


    1. How can I access the registry?
    2. How can I read data from the registry?
    3. How can I write data to the registry?
    4. How to store the application settings in registry?


    1. How to pass CString to Windows API functions?
    2. How to use 'CString' in non-MFC applications?
    3. How to assign or compare strings?
    4. What is the difference between 'CString' and 'std::string'?
    5. How to get the hexadecimal representation of a ... into a 'CString'?
    6. How to convert between a 'CString' and a 'BSTR'?
    7. How to convert between 'CString' and 'std::string'?
    8. How to convert a 'char*' to 'CString'?
    9. How to convert a 'CString' to a 'char*'?
    10. How to convert a numeric type to a string?
    11. How to convert a string into a numeric type?
    12. What are the rules for BSTR allocation and deallocation?


    1. Why does printer not print bitmap?

    MFC & STL

    1. How can I sort a 'CArray' (or 'CStringArray', 'CIntArray', etc.)?

    Edit Control

    1. How to append text to an edit control?
    2. How to know when text is pasted from clipboard to 'CEdit' control?
    3. How to replace a line in a multi-line edit control?
    4. How do I introduce insert/overwrite mode to 'CEdit' derived edit control?

    ListView Control

    1. How to select a full row in a list control?
    2. How to add a subitem in a list control?
    3. How to change the colors in a list control?
    4. How to get selected items in a list control?
    5. How to use a context menu in a list control?
    6. How to correctly delete items from a CListCtrl?
    7. How CListCtrl notifies "checkbox status changed"?

    ListBox Control

    1. How CCheckListBox notifies "checkbox status changed"?

    Tree Control

    1. How to disable an item?
    2. How to detect which part of an item the user clicked on?
    3. How to add icons to a tree control?
    4. How to add checkboxes to a tree control?
    5. How to expand/collapse a branch?
    6. How to use 'SetItemData()' and 'GetItemData()'?

    Date and Time

    1. COleDateTime vs. CTime. Which one is better?

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