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    Windows SDK FAQ Sections


    1. How to Get Hard Disk Serial Number?
    2. How to get the processor frequency?
    3. How to correctly use GetLastError?
    4. How to get the reason for a failure of a SDK function?
    5. What is the difference between 'BOOL' and 'bool'?
    6. How to register Windows Common Controls in a Win32 application?
    7. Which Windows API functions are faster, ANSI or UNICODE?

    Window Types

    1. What is a child window?
    2. What is a top-level window?
    3. What is an owned window?
    4. Which are the differences between child and owned windows?
    5. What is an overlapped window?
    6. What is a pop-up window?


    1. How to get the application name?
    2. How to set the current working directory?
    3. How to get the current working directory?
    4. How to get the application directory?
    5. How to retrieve the version information of my application?
    6. How to get the system directory?
    7. How to get the windows directory?

    Memory Management

    1. How to get the amount of physical (RAM) memory?

    File System

    1. How to check for the existance of a directory/file?
    2. How to count files within a directory and subdirectories?
    3. How to search for files in a directory and subdirectories?
    4. How to delete a directory and subdirectories?
    5. How to get information about a partition?
    6. How to get the available logical partitions on my PC?
    7. How can I check the free space on a partition?
    8. How to open a folder?
    9. How to monitor a folder?
    10. How to delete, copy, or move a folder with all its contents?


    1. How to enumerate processes?
    2. How can I start a process?
    3. How can I kill a process?
    4. How can I wait until a process ends?


    1. Where can I find references on Multithreading?
    2. How to create a worker thread?
    3. How to end a thread?
    4. How to use member functions as thread functions?
    5. How to check if a thread is still active?


    1. How to build a resource-only DLL?


    1. How to manage memory leaks?
    2. How to use 'ASSERT' and deal with assertion failures?


    1. How can I access the registry?
    2. How can I read data from the registry?
    3. How can I write data to the registry?


    1. How to convert between ANSI and UNICODE strings?
    2. How to use 'CString' in non-MFC applications?
    3. How to convert between a 'CString' and a 'BSTR'?
    4. How to convert a numeric type to a string?
    5. How to convert a string into a numeric type?
    6. What are the rules for BSTR allocation and deallocation?


    1. Why does printer not print bitmap?

    User Interface

    1. How can I emulate keyboard events in an application?
    2. How can I emulate mouse events in an application?


    1. How do I fill rectangles, regions and texts in graded colours?
    2. How do I choose a font size to exactly fit a string in a given rectangle?
    3. How do I display text filled and in shape of a region?
    4. How do I display a bitmap rotated?
    5. How do I calculate the area of a window exposed?
    6. How do I drag an image?
    7. How to capture layered windows?

    Edit Control

    1. How to append text to an edit control?

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