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    C++ FAQ Sections


    1. What are good books about C++?
    2. How do I convert between big-endian and little-endian values?
    3. What do 'ntohl()' and 'htonl()' actually do?
    4. How to declare and use two-dimensional arrays?
    5. What are different number representations?
    6. How is floating point representated?
    7. How to deal with references?
    8. What are the principles of Object-Oriented Design?
    9. What are the differences between inline functions and macros?
    10. What is the 'this' pointer?
    11. What are different methods to pass parameters to functions?
    12. What are C++ Headers?
    13. How to minimise mutual dependencies?
    14. What are different methods to access identifiers from a namespace?


    1. How to avoid problems with include files?
    2. What are '__FILE__' and '__LINE__'?
    3. What is the purpose of include guards?


    1. What is the initialization list and why should I use it?
    2. What members of a class are implicitly defined?
    3. What are the differences between classes and structs?
    4. Does implicitly-defined copy constructor bitwise copy?
    5. Which are the differences between 'struct' and 'class'?

    Memory Management

    1. What is the difference between 'delete' and 'delete[]'?
    2. How to release memory for an array of pointers?
    3. Why does deleting a pointer cause my program to crash?
    4. Why does declaring an array cause my program to crash?
    5. What is the difference between 'const char*' and 'char*const'?
    6. What are the differences between constant objects?
    7. What is the purpose of a constant reference?
    8. What is the difference between malloc/free and new/delete?


    1. How to overload postfix increment and decrement operators?
    2. Why should I use '++i' instead of 'i++'?
    3. How to deal with operator overloading?

    Exception Handling

    1. The wrong catch statement catches an exception! Why?


    1. How do I write a structure to a file?
    2. Why returns 'sizeof()' a bigger size than the members actually need?


    1. What are the C++ casting operators?


    1. How to use class member functions as callbacks?


    1. Why do I get unresolved externals with my template code?


    1. What is polymorphism?
    2. How to use virtual functions?

    Design Pattern

    1. What is a Design Pattern?
    2. What is a Singleton class?


    1. How do I determine the speed of a particular function or operation?
    2. Which is faster: <...> or [...]?
    3. How can I optimize my code?

    Random Number

    1. Why does my random number generator always return the same set?
    2. What are good random number generators?


    1. What types of strings are there?
    2. What is the difference between '\n' and '\r\n'?
    3. How to use 'CString' in non-MFC applications?
    4. How to assign or compare strings?
    5. What is the difference between 'CString' and 'std::string'?
    6. How to convert between 'CString' and 'std::string'?
    7. How to convert a numeric type to a string?
    8. How to convert a string into a numeric type?

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