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    Visual C++ FAQ Sections


    1. Where can I find Visual C++ code samples?
    2. Can you help me with my homework assignment?
    3. What is the difference between 'BOOL' and 'bool'?
    4. How to show all messages in ClassWizard list?
    5. How to use different character sets?
    6. Where can I find the redistributable packages
    7. How to make an ANSI build for Windows CE target?
    8. Why Watch window shows 'unused' for a HWND variable?


    1. How to get the application name?


    1. How to build a DLL to be used from another programming language?
    2. How to a DLL and have the exported functions called via 'LoadLibrary()' and 'GetProcAddress()'?
    3. How to build a resource-only DLL?


    1. Where can I find examples of socket programs?
    2. How to get the local hostname?
    3. How to get the local IP address(es)?
    4. How to set a socket option?
    5. Does one call to 'send()' result in one call to 'recv()'?
    6. When does 'send()' return?
    7. When does 'recv()' return?
    8. How do I transfer a structure?
    9. How do I impose a packet scheme?
    10. How do I use a timeout for 'connect()'?
    11. Why does my machine send a 'RST' packet in reply to a 'SYN'/'ACK' package?
    12. How do I terminate a TCP connection?
    13. How does a TCP connection close?


    1. Step by Step Introduction
    2. Why does program work in debug mode, but fail in release mode?
    3. How to manage memory leaks?
    4. How to use 'ASSERT' and deal with assertion failures?
    5. How do I debug my ActiveX/COM component?
    6. How to display UNICODE strings in the Watch/QuickWatch window?
    7. How do I evaluate the time difference between two events?
    8. How to show Windows API errors in the Watch window?


    1. Why can't I enable profiling in Visual Studio 6.0?


    1. What types of strings are there?
    2. What is the difference between '\n' and '\r\n'?
    3. How to convert between ANSI and UNICODE strings?
    4. How to use 'CString' in non-MFC applications?
    5. How to convert a numeric type to a string?
    6. How to convert a string into a numeric type?


    1. How to remove compilation warning C4786 in Visual C++?
    2. How do I use hash maps with Visual C++?

    Random Number

    1. How do I generate random numbers of specified frequency distribution?

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