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Thread: [RESOLVED] what is wrong ???

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    [RESOLVED] what is wrong ???

    i have 2 exe
    exe1 send a string to exe2 via SendMessage function
    i'm using Spy++ to find out the address in hexa for a TextBox from exe2 wich must receive the string
    the code is:

    Public Function fSENDra()
    Dim s$, kk
    s = gSTRING
    kk = CLng(&HC0500) ' find out with Spy++
    SendMessage kk, WM_SETTEXT, 0, s
    End Function

    but look what appear in TextBox from exe2



    what is wrong with my code
    thanks in advance for any sugestion

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    Re: what is wrong ???

    for one thing you are not setting your string properly, unless of course gString is a string variable that holds your string data, in which case you would not need K$.
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    Angry Re: what is wrong ???

    i declare gSTRING public, in main module.
    but i try diferent syntax for SendMessage function, like:
    SendMessage CLng(&HC0500), WM_SETTEXT, 0&, gSTRING
    or like a simple test
    SendMessage CLng(&HC0500),WM_SETEXT, 0 ,"Hello World"

    in fact, no mather what is the gSTRING value, or lenght, i try to send numeric value trugh the another variable wich are declare integer, long, i try to send just strings with diferent lenght, bat all the time i receive the same result, like you see early.
    how you see the results is all the time the same, strange and the lenght is the same.
    i realy don't know what happend

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    Re: what is wrong ???

    for who want to know
    solution is :

    SendMessage CLng(&HC0500), WM_SETTEXT, 0&, ByVal gSTRING

    thx @Nytro

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