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Thread: .NET Framework General: What is the .NET Compact Framework?

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    .NET Framework General: What is the .NET Compact Framework?

    Q: What is the .NET Compact Framework?

    A: The .NET Compact Framework is a subset of the full .NET Framework. It implements approximately 30 percent of the full .NET Framework class library and also contains features and classes specific to mobile and embedded development.

    The .NET Compact Framework is a hardware-independent environment for running programs on resource-constrained computing devices, encompassing personal data assistants (PDAs) such as the Pocket PC, mobile phones, set-top boxes, automotive computing devices, and custom-designed embedded devices built with the Windows CE .NET operating system

    • What functionalities does the .NET Compact Framework provide?

      The .NET Compact Framework provides the following key functionalities:

      • Runs programs that are independent of hardware and operating systems.

      • Supports common network protocols, and connects seamlessly with XML Web services.

      • Provides developers with a model for targeting their applications and components to either a wide range or specific category of devices.

      • Provides benefits of design and optimization of limited system resources.

      • Obtains optimal performance in generating native code using just-in-time (JIT) compilation.

    • Which Development platforms does the .NET Compact Framework support?

      • Visual Basic.NET
      • Visual C#

      Note: C++ development is not currently supported.

    • What are the differences the differences between the .NET Compact Framework and the full .NET Framework?


    • What are the similarities with the .NET Framework?


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