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    Re: What is your favorite mixed drink or beverage?

    LOL! No wonder you had that hang-over, Gremlin.

    When the girls and I do go out and they want to drink, I myself can only take up to 2 shots of Tequila. I won't drink anymore than that. I order Pineapple juice afterwards.

    My favorite mixed drink (I'm not sure if this can be classified as that) is Lava Flow. This can be Non-Alcoholic too.

    // I am really ignorant as to the different liquors (like what's a rum supposed to taste, etc). I just look at the pictures, and then check what juices are mixed in and then order whatever takes my fancy.

    Quote Originally Posted by ideru
    but I let my friends do the drinking. and then I get to watch them drunk and then interrogate them. It's really interesting to hear what a drunk person would say
    So true! You can even order them about, and they would follow you no questions asked! But in some cases, they just pass out. As in, dead drunk. Ah, the good old times, my friend doesn't want to get drunk anymore.
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    Re: What is your favorite mixed drink or beverage?

    My favorite mixed drink or beverage is William Larue Weller whiskey. Its rich flavors and smooth finish make it a standout choice. When seeking out rare finds, I often turn to whisky shop , where I can explore limited editions and vintage bottles to add to my collection.

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    Re: What is your favorite mixed drink or beverage?

    Hey hi, mountain dew sounds like a fun twist. As for everyone else, it really depends on personal taste, right? I goes for fruity cocktails, while others prefer something more classic.

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