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Thread: Date Format ?

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    Date Format ?

    Hi !
    We have a problem. We are using an EAI Tool where we dont have access to the source files and want to code a add on to that Tool. This Tool is based on an MS SQL Database where Date/Times are stored in a Format we dont know. (we are all Oracle guys *g*)
    Can anyone help us, identify this format and tell us, how to deal with that ? Convert ? Comparison ? Add? Sub ? --> in Transact SQL :-)
    Here the example:

    00000000000000127875977359785258 --> 23/03/2006 15:28:55 (DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS)

    thx a lot !

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    Re: Date Format ?

    Ok, found out myself that it is a FILEFORMAT.
    100nano sec since 1601.

    but cause I'm a Transact SQL Dumpass, I have no clue how to get it into readable format ? I'v written solutions for PL/SQL and Java ... but no clue with T SQL ?
    can anyone please give support ?

    thx in advance

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    Re: Date Format ?

    Welcome to CodeGuru.

    How did you do it in PL/SQL?

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