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Thread: send network data at specific data rate

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    send network data at specific data rate


    as part of a school project I need to be able to send network data at a user specified data rate (ie. 9600bps for example). I need to write this in C, preferebly just with standard libraries and/or UNIX standard libraries if needed. I am somewhat familiar with UNIX socket programming, but as far as I can tell I can't accomplish this with sockets. sockets seems too high level for this kind of thing. I am not sure even how to begin this or where to start. This isn't even really the main part of the project, so it's not something covered in the course. If anyone could point me to some articles/tutorials/documentation and/or tell me how to go about doing this and what functions and system calls to use that would be much appreciated. Google wasn't much help, although maybe I didn't search all the right words.


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