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    [RESOLVED] LINQ for C++ developers?

    Are there plans to incorporate the LINQ/DLINQ/XLINQ technology into C++/CLI? Would this be a useful addition to C++/CLI?

    Are there any examples of what C++ DLINQ or XLINQ code would look like?

    Why are new .NET technologies like this introduced just for C# and VB? Thanks.

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    Re: LINQ for C++ developers?

    We don't have plans to support the LINQ technologies in C++ in the Orcas release. We haven't ruled out supporting LINQ in a subsequent release. When/if we do LINQ will depend in large part on customer demand for the functionality.

    VC++ has a vastly larger product surface area, a great deal more history to consider, and much greater complexity of technology than C# or VB. And VC++ most devote resources to native code as well as managed, not to mention interop technologies, the C/C++ libraries, etc. The simple answer to your question as to why C# and VB seem to innovate in the managed code space more quickly is because it is easier for them to do so.


    Steve Teixeira
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