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    [RESOLVED] Managed unions?

    value struct myStruct
    int myInt;

    union myUnion
    myStruct iShareMyMemory;
    myStruct meToo;

    Results in the error C2848: 'myUnion::iShareMyMemory' : a managed type cannot be a member of a union.

    StructLayout also doesn't seem to work.

    Will this be supported with the next release?

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    Re: Managed unions?

    There are supported today - though it is ugly:

    using namespace System;
    using namespace System::Runtime::InteropServices;

    [ StructLayout(LayoutKind::Explicit) ]
    public value struct MyUnion
    [ FieldOffset(0) ]
    int data1;

    [ FieldOffset(0) ]
    String^ data2;

    [ FieldOffset(0) ]
    Double data3;

    We have no current plans to 'improve' this support.
    Jonathan Caves
    Visual C++ Compiler Team

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