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    [RESOLVED] Things I miss in VC8

    Hi I am a C++ programmer (both native and CLI)

    and I was really stunned when I discovered that keyboard templates aparently is only available to VB and C# but not C++ is this really true or am I missing some point?

    Is there any chance that the compiling speed of template heavy project will improve? e.g. stuff like boost/wave

    The compiler output for template related error in this kind of project also tent to be huge, I wonder why there is no folding capability in the output pane (after all it seems like the underlaying code is the same as that of the text editors, so it should be faily simple to borrow the code folding functionality from there)

    I tent to use the find symbol a lot since goto definition do not seems to work across assembly boundary, but I think the output really have room for improvement, you should take a look at the seach result pane in eclipse for inspiration

    br Jens
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