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Thread: perl regular expession

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    perl regular expession

    How do I have my php match the following:
    "<key1></key1>" but not "<key1></key2>"
    Basically I have the following:
    "<key1>Something inside here</key1><key2>Something inside here</key2>", and so my preg looks like this:
    if ( !preg_match("/(<key\d+>.*?<\/key\d+>|)+/,$variable) )
      $error = true;
    But it would be cool to check to see if its incremented like 1...2...3 and to see if they are the same.

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    Re: perl regular expession

    I'm not sure about PHP but in Perl you'd use backreferences. For example, you can do something like:


    In other words, you're creating a second capture group around the around the key entry and looking for the output of that same capture group in an adjacent tag.

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