Hi CodeGurus,

Been digging on this for weeks now but here I am again seeking your help..

I have an SDI application where within my own little method I would like to retrieve the printer settings set by the user using the menu "File->Print Setup" . Have tried a few options from the example shown here and it only works when I actually launch a print dialog within my method, get the user to select / change settings and these new settings are readily available using all kind of approach...GetDeviceCaps, DEVMODE..etc

BUT if I dont launch the print dialog and only relies on the print dialog launched using the menu File->Print Setup only certain fields in the DEVMODE are changed after the user select / change print settings. E.g the devmode.dmPaperLength and devmode.dmPaperWidth remained unchanged no matter what paper size the user selects. The value in devmode.dmPaperSize changes accordingly...

I am sure this is a simple one...for you guys...