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Thread: VC++ 2005 debugger tutorial

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    VC++ 2005 debugger tutorial

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial that teaches how to use the debugger in VC++ 2005 IDE ? I already know how to use it but I was asked that question by someone else I know. google spews out a lot of worthless links, and searching CodeGuru does not help either.

    and this one is not really very good either.
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    Re: VC++ 2005 debugger tutorial

    Quote Originally Posted by stober
    and this one is not really very good either.
    Well, that was a pretty hard judgement of that faq. I think that faq is very usefull for a lot of people, but that was only your opinion.

    Anyway, I dont know if these sources I will provide you will help but you can have a look at them!

    How to create a dubug visualizer;
    Quick Debugger Visualizers in Visual Studio 2005

    These tutorials (videos) are for windowsmobile applications but maybe you can find something interesting to pick up here;
    Tutorials - Windows Mobile Developer Center, maybe take a look at the video by George Chu, Introduction to Debugging Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Level 200).

    Hopefully you will find some useful information in one of these links!


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