Q: What is a Splash Screen?

A: A "splash" screen (title screen) can be used by an application to display important information about a program. The splash screen can also be used as an activity indicator during application startup.

Q: How do I make a Splash Screen?

  • Add a new Windows Form, and give it an appropriate name (such as frmSplash)
  • Add a Module to your application, also, name it appropriately
  • Inside the Module, create a Sub Main :
      Public Sub Main()
            Dim fSplash As New frmSplash
            Application.Run(New YourMainFormName)
        End Sub
  • Add a Timer Control to the Splash Screen form (frmSplash). Set the Interval property to 5000 (for 5 seconds, for example) and set the Enabled property to True (if necessary).
  • In the Timer_Tick event, type the following :
      Timer1.Enabled = False
    So that after the five seconds have expired, it will close this form.
  • Also add the following to the frmSplash_Click event :
  • Set the Project's Startup Object to Sub Main (Project, Properties)

Q: How do I make the Splash Screen form look like a Real Splash screen?

A: Set the following properties (in the properties window) on your splash screen form :
[list][*]ShowInTaskbar = False[*]FormBorderStyle = None[*]StartPosition = centerScreen

For further customisation, you can add controls such as Labels, and Pictures, to enhance your Splash Form's appearance